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Crashed UFO in Idaho

Witness Reveals Saucer Crash in Idaho, 2001


Updated September 20, 2011
Eyewitness Account of Crashed Saucer

There have always been reports of UFOs landing at various places, and even crashing at times. But evidence for these types of cases is usually sparse. To be honest, most of them are nothing more than speculation or rumor.

Every once in a while we do find a report that has some validity. Only recently, an eyewitness has come forward to report the crash of a UFO that occurred in the state of Idaho in July of 2001. The witness says that he was reluctant to post his report, keeping it under wraps for ten years.

Journey to Work

The man was traveling from Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Jackson, Wyoming, on one of the major thoroughfares. It was about 3:00 AM. The witness was not yet familiar with the area, having worked there for only a short period of time.

As he drove toward work, he was not exactly sure where he was, and barely made it to his job on time. During his drive, he saw some very unusual lights. He compared them to a giant Ferris wheel. But, what was so odd was that the area he was in was mostly wooded and inhabited, and there was certainly no circus or carnival in the vicinity.

Surreal Scene

As he came closer to the lights, he drove down into a valley, and suddenly he was surrounded by large military vehicles, white vehicles, men wearing hazmat suits, and some guards toting weapons. As the road swung back upward, it curved on the outside of the valley, giving him a perfect view of the scene.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he keep driving, but drove as slow as he could to see what all of the commotion was about. Finally he was able to see the source of the lights that had drawn his attention.

It was not a Ferris wheel, but a huge spaceship! It had obviously crashed, and our witness was in shock at the sight of the object. He could not hear anything, but was mesmerized by what his eyes told him. This is how he describes the large object.

He believes that the object was 80 - 100 feet across. It was shaped like a disc, with a door at the bottom. There were windows all the way around the middle, with various colors of lights below the windows. He recalls red, blue, orange and yellow.

Being Pursued

He was so taken by the extraordinary sight that he had forgotten one thing; the men at the crash were running to their vehicles, waving their arms and pointing at him and his vehicle. They begin heading up the mountain side to catch up with him. He got his attention back on the road, pushed his accelerator all the way to the floor, and sped away.

He was pushing his Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 as fast as possible on the winding road, at times reaching 90 miles per hour. He had a slight advantage on his pursuers; they had to navigate a makeshift rocky road from the crash up the hill to access the mountain road that the Jeep was now speeding away on.

He had another problem; there were all types of animals crossing the road in front of him. He recalls raccoons and deer. As he evaded the creatures and maneuvered the winding road, he had several near misses with the mountains on his left, and the fall-offs on his right. His heart was pumping fast as he raced away from his pursuers.

He took several random roads attempting to avoid those chasing him. He managed his escape and arrived at his job in Jackson just in time to begin his shift. He kept what he had seen to himself, still trying to come to grips with what he had experienced.

Several of his fellow workers noticed that he did not look well, and he excused himself by saying he just didn't feel well. He had seen something that he had heard others claim before.

He had always discounted them as stories to grab attention, or the ravings of an insane person. This incident has produced in him a completely new sense of wonder and open-mindedness.

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