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UFO Morphs over Tennessee

Eyewitness Reports Morphing UFO over Tennessee


Updated October 20, 2011

Every once in a while, we hear of a UFO sighting that describes an unknown object changing shapes, or morphing, while it moves through the skies. This can be quite common during night sightings, but the account below is of the sighting of an object that morphed during a clear, blue sky in broad daylight.

The following report was initially logged in May of 2011. It details the sighting of a morphing, star-like object seen in daytime over the state of Tennessee. It was originally posted in MUFON's open sightings database.

Just a Bright Star?

While our witness was talking to his mother on the telephone, he looked out the window. He saw a number of airplanes moving through the sky, all of them leaving chemtrails as they flew. Then he noticed something else. At first, it appeared to be a very bright star.

The object could clearly be seen in the clear, blue skies. He noticed that the unknown object began to drift to the west over a period of about twenty minutes. He told his mother about what he saw, and that he wanted to get off the phone and check it out.

He had to run around his house to find some AA batteries to power his digital camera, but after trying to steal them from another device, he could find none, so he decided to grab his cell phone to use as a camera.

Attempt to Photograph Unknown Object

He was able to take a shot or two, but the distance of the object and the low quality of his cell phone camera made his pictures of very poor quality. He could see only blue sky in the photo. He was quite disappointed.

At this point, he called his mother back to tell her what had transpired. He told her the UFO was still there, and now it was slowly moving toward the roofline of his apartment building. All of a sudden, he remembered that he had an inexpensive telescope in his upstairs bedroom, and ran to fetch it.

He expected to see a little bit larger and clear image of the star-like UFO. But, to his surprise, that was not what he saw. It just took a few seconds to locate the object in the scope, since it was moving ever so slowly. He could now see the object clearly. It was highly reflective, and to his utter amazement, was changing shapes as it moved along.

Why Would a UFO Morph?

What would cause this object to morph into various shapes? This type of report is not that uncommon, although the majority of reports of "morphing" UFOs are night sightings. There are a number of theories of why this may occur during daylight hours.

In certain atmospheric conditons like oppressive heat, high humidity, or rain, the viewer, assuming he has good eyesight may see the object appear to change shapes or colors. But, if the object is photographed properly, the object will appear as the camera lens sees it, not the viewer. An object which is made of certain materials like mylar and/or other thin material may be manipulated by the wind or rain, and appear to change shapes.

There have been numerous theories that UFOs morph purposely. One could suppose that the aliens want to play games or tricks on the viewer, but that seems quite unlikely, but how do we know what an alien might think?

In the case at hand, our witness says that the UFO finally moved north, directly above his house. He watched the UFO an amazing one hour until it finally disappeared about 4:00 PM CDT. What did he really see that day?

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