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What's Been Happening in Florida?

Recent UFO Reports from Florida


The state of Florida has always been active in UFO circles. Two of my favorite cases from the state are 1987 - The Gulf Breeze UFOs, and UFO Sighting Reported by Florida Policeman. Now, let's look at some recent reports from the state.

Tallahassee - 07-05-12

I saw two green orbs floating next to each other, metal prongs jutted out from these orbs and they spun into the sky. At 12:55 AM I was driving by myself West (towards town) on a county road in and had just driven down a large hill and was approaching a second smaller hill.

About 300 feet in front of me I saw two hazy, mint-green orbs floating, about eight feet above the ground. They were each a little larger than a grapefruit (possibly bigger), almost sparkled (maybe that signifies lights) and had about three feet of space between them.

The three feet of space acted as an imaginary horizontal line across the middle of the road even though the orbs seemed to be independent of each other. In an instant, metal prongs, thin in nature and almost rectangular shaped, jutted out around the diameter (middle) of each orb (left/right, not up/down).

Then, each orb spun (left/right) independently in their places and shot up into the sky, leaving an almost glow where they had just been hovering. This happened so quickly that they were out of sight completely by the time I drove through the place where they had been.

From the time I saw them to the time they shot into the sky was only a five second time span. It all felt very advanced, direct and incredibly fast.

Miami 07-08-12

A large 300 ft. long cylinder craft was hovering and had two large multi-colored stripes on each triangular end. At approximately 3:30 AM, my wife saw a huge craft, about the size of a football field, maybe double that size, about 1/2 mile from our house. We live in the Killian area of Miami and our best estimate is that the craft was near or above the Miami Zoo.

Our dog was very sick and she went to open the door in front of our house so the dog could go to the bathroom. When she looked up, in a southwesterly direction, she saw the craft at approximately a 45 degree angle.

It was shaped like a cylinder, but with pointed edges on both sides which appeared triangular shaped on each end. The right and left sides, inside the triangle portion of the edges, had two large bands of extremely bright multi-colored lights on each side. The middle part of the craft appeared very light white or grey colored.

The craft made an extremely loud noise, much more powerful than if an airplane was standing directly above us. The object remained stationary for about 5 minutes and then it disappeared.

My wife said that she saw many stars in the sky that night and thus she had excellent visibility of the object. This was something that has her baffled, and without an answer as to what she saw.

I am an attorney with the IRS in Miami and my wife was trained as a physical therapist and is a stay-at-home mom. We live in a very nice upper middle class neighborhood in the Killian area, and led normal dull lives until recently.

Wesley Chapel - 07-09-12

At 10:40 I was sitting in my backyard in my hammock facing southeast. A star/planet, I presumed, directly above my head (out of my line of sight) suddenly was very bright and I turned to look at it. It was brighter than any other star/planet I have ever seen after years of sky watching.

It appeared to turn in place, and I thought for a second it must be a satellite. After about ten seconds it dimmed and began moving southeast.

As it began moving I immediately noticed another light that was about as far away as the width of the moon was moving with it. The two lights remained at the same distance throughout the rest of the sighting.

At first they moved south for about twenty seconds, then turned and headed east. They then turned again and were moving to the northeast until I lost sight of them.

During the encounter there was no sound. To the east of my location on the Gulf Coast there are active lightning storms and the flashing can sometimes be seen, but above my area the sky was completely clear and silent.

I have no idea what I saw, but it was not anything conventional.

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