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What's Been Happening in Georgia?

Recent UFO Reports from Georgia


Updated September 25, 2012
This article will detail some of the most recent sightings from the state of Georgia. Here are two very well-known cases from the state; Three Aliens Seen at Georgia Campsite, and Disc-shaped UFO over Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Atlanta - 09-23-12

I was on Delta flight 1307 from Richmond to Atlanta. I was sitting on the left side of the plane in a window seat. About seven minutes prior to landing I saw an object outside the plane.

It was moving at a good speed and passed under the wing. It seemed close to the airplane but not close enough to hit the plane.

It had a circular, aqua-colored top that appeared hard and a light, silver colored, narrow cylinder coming out of the bottom of it. In terms of size, it was not larger than the wing of the plane. I've Googled weather balloons and it was definitely not a balloon.

I told the people beside me I saw something weird and they started joking around and making reference to the X-Files show. I laughed out of nervousness.

I reluctantly asked the guy behind me when we landed if he happened to see anything odd from the plane and he said he said he saw it as well, and that it freaked him out and that he was just going to pretend he didn't see it. He said he was ex-military and it was definitely not a stealth probe.

He agreed to go to the pilot afterwards with me. We told the pilot and the flight attendant at the front of the plane what we saw. The pilot said it was probably a balloon (which it was not) or a tower on the ground (which it was not) and that they would "check it out". The other witness and I were surprised that they didn't ask for our names or info.

Let me state that I have never believed in UFOs, etc. prior to this. I don't know if this is something being tested by our government or another country or if it was really other-worldly. I can only describe what I saw.

Kennesaw - 07-28-12

I witnessed two giant pulsating lights in the sky over Kennesaw, Georgia. Since I live in Georgia, I tend to water my garden at night. While I was watering I heard my girlfriend yell "What the bleep is that in the sky?" When I turned around and looked up there were two balls of pulsating light hovering in the sky. They pulsated from a deep red to a bright orange.

At first they were motionless, lined up one on top of the other. Then, the one on top slowly descended to the lower one and they came very close to touching. It was obvious these things were being controlled. There was no sound at all.

They hovered for what seemed to be about 3-5 minutes and then slowly dimmed and flew off, changing speeds from very slow to rather quick movements. I checked for any reports around this area, something I've never done before and I have noticed that more people are seeing similar things around this area.

I know tonight there was a meteor shower, but these objects were not meteors or comet debris. I spend enough time star gazing to know the difference. These objects descended then ascended, never fully disappearing until they flew away. I have never seen anything like this in my life and it was a rather disturbing experience for my girlfriend.

Acworth - 06-22-12

A large triangle craft about the size of a house or larger with no lights or sound was seen over the roofline at our house. I woke up out of a dead sleep and tried to get back to sleep but decided to go on the back porch and have a smoke and drink some water.

I tried to get the dogs to come out but they were sleeping soundly. I looked up at sky, thought I might see a meteor if I looked long enough, instead I saw this giant triangle, but it was just sitting above me about 50 feet or more above the tree line.

Then I noticed behind me 2 more just sitting above me, no noise, no lights just the dark color, almost blacked the night sky out. I thought I was dreaming.

It did not move off slowly; it took off so fast with the others with it. I am close to an Air Force base, but I did not think we had planes that could just sit in the sky in one place.

After it was gone, I ran inside to grab the camera and came back out, then I noticed I was scared and I had a hard time sleeping. I went on the internet trying to see if we have anything like that, and I think you know the answer.

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