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Visual & Photographic Proof of UFOs

Visual Proof, UFO Photographs & Video Footage

Are the videos taken over Jerusalem real of fake?
The biggest UFO topic lately has been a series of videos of alleged UFOs over the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Let's take a good look at these, and see what we can discover.

UFO Photograph - Costa Rica
In 1971, a government mapping program inadvertently snaps a photograph of a UFO entering Lake Cote

Galicia, Spain Video - UFO Crashes into Sea
In Galicia, Spain, a fisherman allegedly videotaped military activity accompanying a UFO, which crashes into the sea.

UFO Photos and Video
Photographs are some of the best proof that UFOs really do exist. See some of the best photographs of UFOs ever taken. Also, see classic to current UFO reports with photographic evidence.

Best UFO Photographs Image Gallery
Some of the best UFO photographs

Best UFO Photographs, 2006
Some of the Best UFO Photographs of 2006

Best UFO Photographs, 2007
This photograph gallery contains some of the best photographs of UFOs taken in the year 2007.

Best UFO Photographs, 2008
Some of the best UFO Photographs taken in the year of 2008

Best UFO Photographs, 2009
See some of the best UFO photographs taken in the year 2009

UFO Photos & Video: Proof is Out There
UFO Photos & Video: Proof is Out There

The O'Hare Airport UFO - New Evidence of the O'Hare Airport UFO
New evidence has been released of the O'Hare Airport UFO

The Billy Meier Photographs
When hoaxed photographs are created, it hurts the credibility of serious UFO study

The Billy Meier Photographs-Positive Proof or Negative Press
The story of Billy Meier, the most prolific photographer of UFOs

Lighted Objects Photographed over Yuma, Arizona
In December, 2008, two sisters photographed unknown lighted objects near the city of Yuma, Arizona

Photographic Experiment Produces UFO Shot
A photographic experiment produces a picture of a UFO in Cambridge, England

Photographs of UFOs in Florida Thunderstorm
UFOs Photographed in a Florida Thunderstorm in 2000

UFOs Hover over Quincy, Massachusetts
Disc-shaped UFOs Hover over Quincy, Massachusetts in 1952

Boening 737-UFO Near Miss at Manchester Airport
In 1995, in the United Kingdom, a Boeing 737 has a near miss with a UFO near Manchester Airport

UFO Photographed from Airplane in Mexico
UFO is caught on film from Mexican passenger plane

1942-Los Angeles, California UFO Photograph
1942 Los Angeles UFO Photograph; The Battle of Los Angeles

1947-Morristown, New Jersey UFO
In July 0f 1947 in Morristown, New Jersey, a UFO was sighted and photographed by pilot John H. Janssen

1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs
1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs

1958-Trinidade Island UFO Photographs
In 1958, a series of classic UFO photographs were taken near Trinidade Island

1969-Object Lights, Disappears
In Kentucky, about 1969, An object lights up then disappears

1978-Kaikoura, New Zealand Photographs
In 1978 over Kaikoura, New Zealand, television film crew photographs UFO

1987-The Gulf Breeze Sightings
A UFO Wave began in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1987 accompanied by extraordinary photographs

1996-Israel Crash Video
In 1996, two UFOs are filmed as they crash and explode in Israel

1997-The Phoenix Lights
The Phoenix Lights of 1997; seen by hundreds of witnesses

2004-Mexican Military Video
In 2004, Mexican military plane captures images of 11 UFOs on video

2007-Strange Craft Photographs-1
In 2007, three series of photographs have been taken of a strange craft.

2007-Strange Craft Photographs-2
In 2007, three series of photographs have been taken of a strange craft

2007-Strange Craft Photographs-3
In 2007, three sets of photographs were taken of a strange craft

1949-Norwood Searchlight Incident
1949; The Norwood, Ohio Searchlight Incident

1952-The Brazil, Barra da Tijuca Photos
1952-The Brazil, Barra da Tijuca UFO Photographs

Alien Alert List
Your source for real alien videos and documentary reviews.

NICAP, UFO Photo Index
A list of UFO photographs chronogically ordered from NICAP

Roswell Photographs
Some photographs relating to the Roswell Crash of 1947

Hessdalen, Norway Photographs
Project Hessdalen, A Norwegian Photographic Phenomena

They Fly, Billy Meier Contacts
They Fly, the site of legendary Billy Meier

The Famous Inaja UFO Photograph
The famous Inaja UFO photograph

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