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Galicia, Spain Video - UFO Crashes into Sea

Galicia, Spain UFO Video


Video Causes Debate

A recent video of an alleged encounter on the sea was videotaped by a Galicia, Spain, fisherman. The video shows military airplanes, helicopter, and a UFO that drops into the water. This video has been a subject of hot debate on the Net. It can be seen on You Tube.

An article about the video was presented by Inexplicata, the Journal of Hispanic Ufology, which is operated by my good friend Scott. Within 24 hours, a second article was released titled, "Thoughts on the Controversial Galician Trawler UFO Video."

Debunked by GEIFO

This article leaned heavily toward a fake video. Here are some of the remarks made by Angel Rodriguez, director of Spain's GEIFO organization.

"Although the 'Galician Trawler UFO' video has all the marks of a 'Blair Witch Project' event, it appears to have been embraced by the UFO community as proof of extraterrestrial visitation."

Angel Rodriguez, a former officer in the Spanish Navy, suggests that the video is actually showing a fishing boat being warned away from an area where naval aviation maneuvers are about to take place, hence the helicopter and the dropping of a marker buoy into the water (the UFO that plunges into the ocean, as in a Gerry Anderson TV production)

“In this case, there is the possibility that the trawler was expelled from the target practice area and that the images were manipulated by adding a UFO. What's curious about this Galician case is the expectations it has raised, with thousands of people interested in the subject. There are numerous partisans in favor and against it."

Supported by Exopolitics Canada

At the same time that the video was being debunked by Rodriquez, it was being examined, evaluated, and authenticated by Victor Viggiani, Media Relations, Exopolitics, Canada.

Here are some of Victor's comments to me:

"We have been examining this video. The initial consensus is that it is authentic. The amount of confusion on board the boat, the close proximity of the helicopter, and the clearly audible direction to get back to port, the fly-bys of jets (twice), and the actual entrance of the craft into the water, all produce a powerful effect that would be very difficult to contrive or stage.

"It remains to be seen if the boat crew will be sequestered and told to remain silent. It would be valuable if we could get an Air Force statement - one of our Spanish reps is attempting to do so. Jets of that calibre don't do low passes twice, and threaten a fisherman. There's obviously a lot going on in the clip."

Where We Stand

As we know, UFO video and photographs are a two-edged sword. The old adage - A picture is worth a thousand words, may not apply accurately when almost every piece of media presented is debunked by some, and supported by others. The video discussed here is a perfect example of this problem.

To be sure, it seems to me that the video would be a difficult one to stage, or create via computer. We must assume, however, that it is possible. There is no way to accurately debunk or support the video at this time.

What is needed is access to the original film. We have questions - Is the video edited in any way? Will the original, first generation film be made available to researchers? Until then, the debate will continue. The study of UFOs has never been easy, especially when you encounter dueling sides.

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