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1969-UFO Lights, Disappears

UFO Lights, Disappears


UFO Lights, Disappears

UFO Lights, Disappears

B J Booth
c.1969 Western Kentucky-J. K., who worked for me, and I went to the mine (Midway Mining Co)I owned. It was a fluorite, zinc, and lead mine. It was about 1969 in the fall, when J. K. and I went down to the mine to get some pump parts to build a new pump.

It was about 8:00 AM. We loaded up some parts and went to the machine shop at Frances, Kentucky, about 13 miles from the mine. We worked on the pump until about 9:00 PM. We had some old parts so we returned them to the mine.

The mine covered about 2 acres. It was cleared off with some gravel in the lot: there were 2 buildings and a head frame and some mining equipment on the yard and a grassy field all around the mine.

As we pulled into the mine, we saw what looked like a new barn in front of us. It looked like a new metal building. J. K. and I talked about it, and I pulled the truck up so we could see it better. We were within 80 feet of it. It looked like an 80 foot cube.

It was as plain as it could be that we were looking at a new building that had been put up. The farmer that owned the land was Doey Binkley. He did not like me mining on his property as he did not own the minerals under his farm-the minerals had been sold to a Mr. Martin in 1907. Doey bought the farm after I was mining.

My mining lease forbade me from mining under a existing house, barn, or other structure, so J. K. and I were talking that the next day I would talk to a lawyer and get this building torn down.

We probably talked about the building for 10 to 20 minutes-all the time we were just looking at the building in amazement at how fast they had put it up.

Then we saw a light like a hand-held light coming from the back to the side of the building. I said Doey is here and I will talk to him now. We got out of the truck, and walked to the front of it, and amazingly, the building just went away-no sound, not anything-it had just gone away.

It was clear-not very cold, no fog, no other lights, and no water. It was just like a building was sitting on the grass and then it disappeared.

According to the eye witnesses, what appeared to be a building, was really an unknown object with the ability to either disappear, or quickly fly away. Could it have gone into another dimension right before their eyes, or simply vanished?

A big thanks to reader W. L. D. for relating his eyewitness report.

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