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UFO Photos & Video - The Proof is Out There


Where is it Leading?

I receive on the average 25-30 UFO photographs and videos per week. Most of them are just not good enough to post on the Net. Even some that I find to be intriguing come under fire by skeptics. Just as approximately 95% of UFO sightings can be explained by earthly means, the same applies to UFO photographs and video.

Although an image may be compelling, and be accompanied by a good, detailed report by the witness, at most you can ascertain that you have a true UFO, that is, a flying object that cannot be identified by any plane, balloon, or other conventional flying object.

To take this one step beyond and declare that you have an extraterrestrial craft is almost impossible. To make this declaration, you would have to be in a position to know exactly everything that Earth's governments have behind closed doors in the way of experimental craft.

There can be no doubt that many seemingly strange flying objects can be attributed to unmanned surveillance craft, and that at least a portion of the triangle reports are actually sightings of Stealth planes or blimps. The problem is discovering what exactly you are looking at.

The Investigation Continues

Throughout my years of analyzing UFO images, I can say that I have seen craft that just don't match anything flying today, but again, this declaration must be judged by the limits of my own knowledge of what's out there.

The investigator must always remember that no matter how good the evidence seems, like in the case of the Phoenix Lights, this evidence will be debunked and ripped to threads by those who don't want to believe, even though the facts lead to a totally different conclusion.

To those who are looking for that one great shot of a UFO, don't stop trying. Keep searching, and eventually, you will get that photograph. The truth will find you, because the truth really is out there.

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