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UFOs Hover over Quincy, Massachusetts

UFOs over Quincy, Massachusetts


UFOs over Salem, MA

UFOs over Salem, MA

U.S. Coast Guard
I reside in a section of Quincy, Massachusetts, known as Wollaston, and named after one of the early Pilgrim captains. I lived 10 houses from Wollaston Beach (as it was known), which is a part of Quincy Bay and just east of Boston Harbor.

As a youngster in the late 40's-early 50's, I would go to the beach at night and sit on the seawall, primarily during the summer months to cool off from the summer time heat. I distinctly remember one warm night in July of 1952 (I was 10 at the time), while sitting on this seawall, I noticed 4 disk/saucer-shaped lights appear, and for a short while hover over Boston's "outer harbor." This would be above the vicinity of Boston Lighthouse.

During those years many companies would rent out large searchlights that were mounted on flat-bed trucks or such, and turn on these lights as an advertising tool or promotion to attract customers.

Prior to my observation, these search lights could be observed with their light beams moving around the local night skies. On the night of my observation, my first thought was that it simply was the "end of the beam" from the search lights. The problem with that thought: there was no beam coming up from the ground.

I noticed one of the "lights" suddenly break formation and zoom northwesterly and hover over Salem, Massachusetts. Suddenly, the other 3 joined the first one at this location. After a period of time, these 4 "lights" slowly returned to the location where I first saw them, and eventually "took off" at an incredible speed and at a northeasterly, upward angle.

Since I was only 10 years of age, I was too young to be able to comprehend what I was observing. A few years later I was in junior high school and quickly utilized the small school library where I first discovered and read 2 books that began to answer the memory of my earlier observation-Major Donald E. Keyhoe's "Unidentified Flying Objects," and a book titled "The Men In Black" by an English author, I think.

In retrospect, this appears to have been the "beginnings" of discussion within my family. I was the youngest of four, with two older brothers and one older sister.

I discovered photos that were taken of these lights/flying objects over a Coast Guard Station in Salem, Massachusetts. These were the same objects I had witnessed from a different angle and what turned out to be approximately distance of 20-25 miles away, "as the crow flies."

I recall the next morning newspaper, either The Boston Globe or the former Boston Post, showing the above referenced photo on its front page. I can recall a sense of gratification having witnessed something that was also in the next day's paper.

As I mentioned above, my fascination began in the library of my local junior high school, and I came across a book written by the late Ian Menzies debunking the UFO phenomena. In debunking, he used the Salem, Massachusetts, photos by stating the picture was taken inside a vehicle with its interior light on and those light(s) were reflecting off the inside of the windshield, thus causing the appearance of UFOs.

I was quite agitated at reading this, and over the years, continuously asked myself the question: "If I'm approximately 20 odd miles away, sitting on a seawall, out in the open air, how is it that I could also see these same objects? Needless to say, I never read or trusted this writer's articles or commentaries, again.

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