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Lighted Objects Photographed over Yuma, Arizona

Lighted Objects Photographed over Yuma, Arizona


Yuma, Arizona

Yuma, Arizona

Jessica M.
On December 19, 2008, a woman and her sister were traveling for the Christmas holidays, in route to northern California, about 4:00 PM. Unfortunately, they missed their planned turn off to Highway 10 at Gila Bend, and they continued driving toward Yuma, Arizona, to connect with Highway 95 North, heading to Interstate 10.

The two weary sisters stopped in Yuma to fuel up, get some snacks and coffee, and rest a bit before continuing their journey. As they continued their journey on 95, one of the sisters saw something from the corner of her eye.

She looked up to see a very bright light. It looked like a flaming ball of fire, but it was hovering, or moving ever so slowly in the daylight skies.

She took a photograph of it with her Razor cell, not thinking of a UFO at the time, only believing that she and her sister were seeing some phenomenal sky condition.

After a short period of time, they noticed a smaller ball of light, which dropped from the larger object, and quickly sped off to the east (right in photograph). She tried to get as many photographs as she could, but the action above her was rapid, and she managed four snaps with her cell phone camera.

Her sister thought they were seeing a UFO, but they were not sure what they had seen, only that it was something out of the ordinary.

The area they were passing at the time was near a military installation, and there were acres of planes on one side of the highway, and a military plane graveyard on the other side.

The installation most probably seen by the sisters is the Marine Air Base on the south side of town, and the large Yuma Proving Grounds in the desert to the north of town. There are many various types of planes and equipment on the grounds.

When I first looked at her photographs, I thought I was seeing either lens flares, or sun spots, but in this case, we have eyewitness testimony that the objects were clearly seen, and then photographed.

What the two sisters saw that day is still a mystery. I am in the process of getting some additional opinions on the photographs, and if I can get an answer to what these objects might be, I will update this account. At least until then, we are talking about UFOs.

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