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2004-Mexican Military Video


Mexican Military Video

Mexican Military Video

Mexico Air Force


On April 20, 2004, Mexican UFO investigator and television personality Jaime Maussan was summoned by Mexico's Department of Defense to a private meeting to discuss a matter of national importance. Maussan met with General Clemente Vega Garcia, Secretary of Defense, and other members of his staff. Maussan was informed that on March 5, an extraordinary incident took place in the skies over Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

Anti-Narcotics Operation:

A Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A bi-motor airplance was performing routine duties to detect drug smuggling airplanes, in a anti-narcotics operation. The plane had a high-tech FLIR STAR ZAPPHIR II and a RADAR AN/PS 143 BRAVO VICTOR 3, which implements infrared video. Mayor Magdaleno Jasso Núñez was the commander of the plane, Lt. Mario Adrian Vasquez was FLIR operator, and Lt. German Ramirez was radar operator-all three were members of the 501 Aerial Squadron.

Unknown Target Detected:

The plane was not a combat plane-its mission was to detect planes without flight plans, and report their find to base headquarters, where combat planes would be scrambled to encounter the smugglers. At 17:00 hours, the Merlin detected unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen. The plane then flew closer to the unknown target to record it with their equipment. They reported their unknown target to base.

UFO Follows Plane:

The Merlin's radar was painting the object, and the infrared cameras were filming it. The Merlin attempted to move closer yet for a visual confirmation, but as it did, the unknown target made a surprise maneuver, and flew away at great speed. The entire event was being recorded, and the details were being reported as they occurred to base. Without warning, the unknown object suddenly reappeared, and began following the Merlin.

No Visual Contact:

In a moment, the Merlin's radar was now seeing two objects, but there had still been no visual contact. The crew became alarmed because they could not make a maneuver that would enable a visual confirmation of the unknown objects. In a minute or two, there would be nine more objects , which seemed to come from out of nowhere. In another unexpected move, the eleven unknown objects were now circling the Merlin.

Full Investigation Ordered:

Though close enough to see the unknowns, the crew aboard the Merlin stated the objects must have been invisible. After some stressful moments, suddenly the eleven UFOs were gone-nowhere to be seen or recorded on camera. The Merlin returned to the Air Force base, and Jasso prepared a full report on the incident. After the Secretary of the Defense read Jasso's report, he ordered a full investigation into the incident.

Air Force Freely Releases Information:

On April 22, 2004, General Clemente Vega, Secretary of Defense contacted Maussan and his research team, and turned over all of the tapes and information collected by the Merlin. In a rare move, the Mexican military declared that they were open to discuss and evaluate the sighting of the UFOs without suppressing any information from the public. This collaboration between the military and the general public had its beginnings during the Mexico UFO Wave of 1991.

Infrared Video of UFOs:

The extraordinary FLIR video of the eleven unknown objects flying over Campeche became news all over the world. UFO investigators were thrilled to finally have solid, undeniable evidence of the existence of UFOs flying over our skies. The UFO video was freely shared over the Internet, and discussed on many UFO web sites, and forums.

Solid Proof:

The debunkers would get in their two-cents worth, claiming that the glowing objects recorded by the camera of the Merlin plane were nothing more than oil field fires bouncing off of the clouds. This explanation has been accepted by some, but many hold to the film as solid proof of UFOs.
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