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UFO Sightings - 07-21-11

Current UFO Reports


Updated June 21, 2011
Elk Grove, California - 06-01-11

Witness watched object for 8 minutes.

I saw a black, silent bat-ray shaped object in daylight hours.

At approximately 6:10 PM, I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and noticed what I thought at first was a balloon.

The object was moving in circles at first, then suddenly went across the sky from East to West, then came to a complete stop.

It then changed direction and sped back East and came to another complete stop.

It hovered there this time at a lower altitude where I could clearly make its shape out to be round in the front with two arcs on the rear of the craft which was black in color.

It made no sound. It hovered for about thirty seconds before taking off at a very fast rate of speed back toward the West and gained altitude before disappearing behind some clouds.

A few minutes later it came back at about the same altitude performing similar maneuvers before disappearing off in the distance.

Shortly after the sighting I heard but did not see some loud jets fly over my house several times.

Antioch, California - 06-10-11

Circular object viewed for 3-4 minutes over Livermore, viewed from Antioch.

At exactly 11.20 PM, I was outside on my balcony trying out my new app on my iPhone. The app is called Star Walk. It was a clear night with a slight breeze.

From my balcony I was looking straight up at the darkest part of the sky. Then I looked straight ahead to the south to where the city of Livermore is located; my compass said it was 190 degrees south.

I was looking at a bright part of the sky when I noticed an orange light with appeared like a star. I started to focus on the orange star-like light, and I noticed it moving very slightly like it was wiggling.

After about a minute, the light started to gain in altitude, it took about another minute for the UFO to reach its peak.

When the UFO reached its peak it started moving slowly to the right, and then it picked up speed heading to the southeast in a straight line.

I wouldn't say it had blazing speed, but it was most definitely way faster than an airplane. I lost sight of the UFO when it kept going right, west. In all, it probably lasted about 3-4 minutes.

California - 06-15-11

Cigar-shaped UFO seen for about 2 minutes.

I was sitting at my picnic table, and glanced at the sky to watch the sun set. As soon as I looked up I saw the object.

It was traveling in a straight line from north to south. It traveled in a flat line along the horizon.

It was very reflective, so it was easy to detect. I didn't know what it might have been, but when it disappeared and reappeared twice, I first thought it was a UFO.

This object was cigar-shaped. It had a short vapor trail. As I watched it, the vapor trail began to vanish. As the vapor trail was almost gone, the object disappeared.

This vanishing and re-appearing happened twice in a cloudless sky. After the second vanishing both trail and object totally disappeared.

I have never seen anything like it. The event didn't last long enough for a photo or a video, unfortunately.

California - 06-19-11

Shining object seen for 10-15 seconds.

I was driving west on Highway 12. The sky was clear, and visibility was excellent. Wind was typical 10 to 15 mph and on shore.

I noticed a round, shining object traveling approximately north to south at a pretty good rate of speed, probably over a hundred miles an hour.

Its size may have been 20 to 40 feet in diameter, and I'm guessing the altitude at about 15 - 2500 feet.

What struck me was how fast it was moving and it was moving in a straight line against the wind. This was definitely not a balloon, plane or jet.

I was only able to see it clearly for 10-15 seconds before it was no longer visible. I don't know what I saw, but no balloon travels AGAINST the wind!

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