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Weekly Sighting Reports - 08-20-09

Weekly Sighting Reports - 08-20-09


Nevada - 08-06-09 - My daughter and I were headed up to Lake Tahoe from Reno through Carson City. I had the pleasure of being the passenger for a change. We were driving through Washoe Valley when I looked up to the clouds and saw a white cylinder object flying straight north to south very fast.

I saw no tail part, no wings, nor shadows of wings, or reflections, just white. Then it went off into the distance into a cloud. Over a thirty minute span, I saw three of these things, identical, featureless, and flying in the same direction through the clouds.

The clouds were fairly thick, so I have no idea if there were more of them. source: www.mufon.com

Texas - 08-12-09 - I have witnessed an average of about six objects a night. The sightings occur as soon as the first stars appear. Bright star-like objects, moving at a rate similar to the shuttle or space station. Objects are high altitude, with varying trajectories, and behavior.

Some have descended, lit brightly, and disappeared in a vertical descent. Altitude here is around five hundred feet, we can't view satellites. Having lived in Taos Co., NM, before, I know the difference. Our location is 35 miles east of Austin, TX, in McDade. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Canada - 08-12-09 - While camping at a cabin in Long Lake near Perth, Ontario, my wife and I were sitting by the lake at a low burning camp fire looking at the stars. I noticed a moving bright object, oval shape, moving from the northwest to the southwest.

At first, I thought the object was a satellite, but it was moving too fast and the color was clearer, brighter, and a lot lower in altitude. The object took about three minutes to clear the sky line start to finish. No sound was heard. No blinking lights was seen.

The object appeared the following night at the same time, but with a different trajectory and below overcast clouds. No stars were shining at that time because of the clouds. It was traveling at a high speed but again with no sonic boom or jet engine noise.

This sighting was witnessed by my wife and myself on two nights. I did manage to videotape the object on the second night but unfortunately the video is low grade. I am a retired military person with experience within aviation field and if this was military type aircraft, I only hope it was ours. source: www.mufon.com

United Kingdom - 08-09-09 - In Dawley, Shropshire, I saw 5 (maybe 6) bright, orange objects flying in close formation over the weekend. No detail of the UFO could be made as it was too dark.

It appeared to be moving quite slowly in an easterly direction. This could be preparation for an air show though, as I also witnessed the red arrows flying over Dawley earlier the previous day heading in the same direction source: www.mufon.com

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