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UFOs & Aliens: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
16 Alien Abduction Cases You'll Never Forget
Alien Abduction – Best Cases of Alien Abduction
Passenger Plane Followed by Triangle UFOs
On August 10, 2015, a man with above top-secret credentials reports seeing not one but three triangle-shaped UFOs follow a passenger plane over Alabama
Are There Aliens at the Wright-Patterson...
Are the rumors about Wright-Patterson AFB having flying saucer crash debris and alien bodies true? See the evidence in this four part series. Here is part one...
Strange Lights Appear over New Mexico
On 08-16-15, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a man and his brother witness lights over their city and near their home. The lights are unlike any they have seen before.
UFO Photographs
Some of the best UFO photographs ever taken. There have been literally thousands of photographs taken of UFOs. Here you will find some of the very best, as chosen by your UFO guide.
What Was the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles?
1942, the Battle of Los Angeles. UFOs / Aliens.
Man/Woman Have UFO Sighting in Mackinaw City,...
Man and woman have UFO sighting in Michigan on July 17, 2012
A Look at the Triangle UFOs
A look at the strange, triangle UFOs.
1961-The Hills: Abducted by Aliens
In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in New Hampshire: the flagship of UFO abduction cases
Apollo 11 Crew Saw UFO
Apollo 11 crew saw UFO, Buzz Aldrin admits truth.
A Quick History of the Mysterious Government...
Area 51 Top Secret Government Facility
1989-The Manhattan Alien Abduction
1989, Manhattan, Linda Cortile Napolitano is abducted from her apartment building
Military Discovers Crashed Craft in Peru
In 1997 in Peru, a team from the Disclosure Project was overseeing security for the installation of a radar installation. Sent to secure a crash sight, they got the shock of their life.
1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction
1967 in Massachusetts, one of the most bizarre cases of alien abduction took place
UFOs and The Bermuda Triangle
In 1971, crew members of the USS John F. Kennedy saw a hovering UFO over their ship in the Bermuda Triangle
1975-The Travis Walton Abduction
He would see several different types of aliens during his time aboard the flying object that had thrown the blue beam at him in the forest.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: UFOs are Real
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell shocked the world with his statements claiming that UFOs are real, and we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings from another world.
Why Alien Technology Was Used at a U.S. Air...
Are the rumors about Wright-Patterson AFB having flying saucer crash debris and alien bodies true? See the evidence in this four part series. Here is part three...
1955-The Kelly, Kentucky Alien Invasion
The Kelly, Kentucky Alien Invasion of 1955
What is a UFO? Basic Facts
A few basic facts about what a UFO really is
One of the Best Documented Abduction Cases
In 1976, An Alien Abduction took place in the Allagash Waterway
Best UFO Photographs-1967-Woonsocket, Rhode...
UFO photographed over Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1967. Page 8.
Wright Patterson AFB & Alien Technology
Are the rumors about Wright-Patterson AFB having flying saucer crash debris and alien bodies true? See the evidence in this four part series. Here is part four...
There really are UFOs and aliens at Area 51
A retired military man who worked for the CIA gives some very revealing information about Area 51. This deathbed confession was saved on video.
Best UFO Photographs, Provo, Utah 1966
Best UFO Photographs, Provo, Utah 1966. Page 7.
Man Spots UFO in Michigan, Calls 9-1-1
A man from Flint, Michigan has a long sighting of a UFO with mult-colored lights. He calls 9-1-1, and the officer that responds corroborates the sighting
10 Best Texas UFO Sightings
A discussion of UFOs in Texas - The 10 Best Cases from Texas
Best UFO photograph, 1942-Los Angeles, California
Best UFO photograph, 1942-Los Angeles, California
The Best Documented UFO Cases
Some of the best UFO case files on record
1947-Roswell UFO Crash
The 1947 Roswell UFO Crash. UFOs / Aliens.
Apollo 11 UFO – Story of the Apollo 11 UFO...
Apollo 11 crew saw UFO, Buzz Aldrin admits truth. Page 2.
1987-The Ilkley Moor Alien Photograph
In 1987, A Policeman snapped a photograph of an alleged alien creature on the Ilkey Moor, U.K.
1989-The Belgium UFO Wave
The Belgium UFO Wave of 1989-1990
1941-Cape Girardeau, Missouri Crash
A compelling UFO crash case from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1941
Best UFO photographs, 1989-Petit Rechain, Belgium
Best UFO photographs, 1989-Petit Rechain, Belgium. Page 14.
Best UFO Photograph, 1971-Costa Rica
1971-Costa Rica UFO Photograph UFOs / Aliens. Page 9.
1981-The Hudson Valley Triangles
In 1981-82, a series of sightings of Triangle UFOs were seen over the Hudson Valley
Best UFO photograph, 1972-Apollo 16 / Moon
Best UFO photograph, 1972-Apollo 16 / Moon. Page 10.
1975-Abduction of Sergeant Moody
In 1975, Sergeant Charles L. Moody is abducted by alien beings
MUFON Final Report on the Dallas I-20 Incident
See MUFON's final report on the Dallas I-20 Incident
1976-An Alien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky
1976-Alien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky
Questions and Answers
A selection of questions about the relationship between humans and aliens, and some speculation about where aliens might come from.
1985-Alien Abduction of Whitley Strieber
In 1985, the alien abduction of Whitley Strieber took place
Best UFO Photograph, 1950-McMinnville, Oregon
Best UFO Photograph, 1950-McMinnville, Oregon Page 2.
Two Young Men Encounter UFO in New Jersey
In 1983 in Madison, New Jersey, two young men were driving in their neighborhood, when they spotted lights down the street. They soon see a large UFO hovering over a house.
1967-The Herbert Schirmer Abduction
Patrolman Herbert Schirmer is abducted in Ashland, Nebraska, 1967
1967-The Falcon Lake UFO Encounter
1967, in Canada, Steve Michalak encounters UFO on ground, suffers burns
Best UFO photograph, Tulsa Oklahoma 1965
Best UFO photographs, 1965-Tulsa, Oklahoma. Page 6.
Best UFO photographs, 1994-Puebla, Mexico
Best UFO photographs, 1994-Puebla, Mexico. Page 15.
Best UFO photographs, 1987-Gulf Breeze, Florida
Best UFO photographs, 1987-Gulf Breeze, Florida. Page 13.
1973-The Pascagoula, Mississippi Alien Abductions
1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, two fishermen were abducted by strange beings
Best UFO photographs, 1987-Waterbury, Connecticut
Best UFO photographs, 1987-Waterbury, Connecticut. Page 12.
UFOs on the Moon 3
NASA Astronauts see UFOs on the Moon
1968-The Buff Ledge Alien Abductions
In 1968 at Buff Ledge Camp in Virginia, two teenagers are abducted
1897-UFO Crash at Aurora, Texas
Aurora Texas UFO Crash, 1897 UFOs / Aliens.
Foo Fighters: UFOs of World War II
Foo Fighters: Strange, mysterious UFOs of World War II
1965-The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO Crash
In 1965, something unidentified crashed into the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania
UFOs on the Moon 1
NASA Astronauts see UFOs on the Moon
Best UFO Photographs, 1974-Tavernes, France
1974-Tavernes, France. UFOs / Aliens. Page 11.
UFOs & Aliens
Some of the most frequently asked questions about UFOs, UFO sightings, alien encounters and other aspects of UFO study.
Guide's Interview Betty Andreasson Luca
Alien Abduction Betty Andreasson Abductee Interview
1993-Kelly Cahill Alien Abduction
In 1993, in Australia, 27 year old Kelly Cahill is abducted
Shape-Changing Object Caught on Video over...
In the first week of July, 2015, an eyewitness who lived in a rural town with an unobstructed view of the sky, took video of several unknown flying objects over Michigan.
Best UFO Photograph, 1952-Washington, D. C.
Best UFO Photograph, 1952-Washington, D. C. Page 3.
Eisenhower and the Aliens - Did Eisenhower Meet...
Rumors persist that President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with alien beings in 1954. Did this really happen?
Best UFO photograph, 1956-South Africa
Best UFO photograph, 1956-South Africa. Page 4.
Kentucky Police Helicopter Encounters UFO
A Kentucky police helicopter encounters UFO
UFO Crash & Retrieval at Needles, California
According to eyewitness accounts, an unknown object crashed near the town of Needles, California, on May 14, 2008.
The Greatest Hits of UFO Landings
Join me as we take a look at some of the best documented cases of UFO landings.
Best UFO Photograph, Santa Ana, California 1965
UFO Photograph taken over Santa Ana, California in 1965. Page 5.
1979-Minnesota Sheriff Vehicle Hit by UFO
In 1979, Minnesota Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson's Vehicle is hit by a UFO
1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs
1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs
Michigan - Rich in UFO History
The state of Michigan has a rich history of UFO sightings, and also a 2009 wave
Crop Circles of Brazil-Could the Crop Circles...
Could the Crop Circles of Brazil be Extraterrestrial? See reports and photographs of two recent crop circles in Brazil
Questions and Answers about Abduction
A question and answer session with your UFO Guide
A Great UFO Case from Australia, UFO sucks...
A UFO empties a 10,000 gallon water tank in Rosedale, Australia in 1980. This is a classic example of UFOs use of water
Russian UFO Crash, 1989
In 1989, according to three researchers, a UFO crashed in Russia.
The Best UFO Crash Cases
The Best UFO Crash Case Files. UFOs/Aliens.
Don't fly on this plane in Canada
In August, 2014, a man witnessed a plane in the Nova Scotia skies; he also saw two unidentified objects. One of them flew very close to the plane
Salter Abduction-the Benevolent Aliens
In 1988, John Salter and son are abducted by benevolent aliens
1957-The Levelland, Texas, UFO Landings
1957, in Levelland, Texas a series of UFO Landings was reported
1964-UFO Landing at Socorro, New Mexico
In 1964, Policeman Lonnie Zamora saw a UFO landed near Socorro, New Mexico
UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway - Was a UFO...
Radio station callers describe a UFO being transported down Dallas' I-20
Alien Contact - The 1980s
A look at some of the best documented cases of alien contact for the decade of the 1980s. Page 2.
UFOs on the Moon 4
NASA Astronauts see UFOs on the Moon
1977-Colares Island UFOs
UFOs with beams of light invade the Island of colares in 1977
Best UFO Cases of the 1950s
Best UFO Cases of the 1950s
1969-Russian UFO Crash & Retrieval
An alleged UFO Crash and Retrieval took place in Russia 1969
UFO Photos & Video - The Proof is Out There
UFO Photos & Video: Proof is Out There
Interview with Abductee Becky Andreasson
UFO Guide's interview with famous alien abductee Becky Andreasson
Photographs of a UFO over Massachusetts
In December of 2006, an adult and children saw a beautiful UFO over Massachusetts. Camera in hand, several shots were taken of this mostly blue UFO.
1975-Loring Air Force Base UFO Sightings
In 1975, UFOs were reported over Loring Air Force Base
1966-Michigan Swamp Gas Case
In the 1966 Michigan Swamp Gas case, a series of documented sightings occurred
1953-Pilot Felix Moncla Lost Chasing UFO
Pilot Felix Moncla is lost chasing a UFO over Lake Superior
AF Jets Scrambled in 1980 Chasing UFOs
In 1980, jets from the Rendlesham Air Force Base are scrambled to encounter unknown flying objects, closed door meetings are called, gag order set
1992-UFO Crash Southaven Park
A UFO Crashes into Southaven Park, Long Island, N. Y. in 1992
UFO Case Files
UFOs/Aliens. Page 5.
1965-Exeter, New Hampshire UFO Encounter
In 1965, a series of UFO encounters occurred in Exeter, New Hampshire
Roswell: New Evidence
A new book reveals more evidence on the famous Roswell crash
1947-Wright Field Aliens Filmed
In 1947, at Wright Field, Ohio, a cameraman took film of alien beings
1967-The Shag Harbor UFO Crash
In 1967, a UFO crashed into the waters of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia
UFO Lands - Cherry Creek, NY
A well documented UFO landing occurred in Cherry Creek, NY, 1965
1896-Attempted Alien Abduction-Lodi, California
In 1896, two men were victims of an attempted abduction in Lodi, California
Update on Needles, California Crash - Did a UFO...
Updated information on an alleged UFO crash in Needles, California
Are there UFOs on the Moon?
NASA Astronauts see UFOs on the Moon
1959-The Papua, New Guinea UFOs
In 1959, the Anglican Church in Papua, New Guinea was visited by UFOs
1938-War of the Worlds Radio Program Scare
1938-War of the Worlds Radio Program Scare
Alien Contact in Wisconsin
A man encounters alien beings in Wisconsin
Family Sees Triangle over North Carolina
In May of 2015, a mother and daughter witnessed something out of this world; an object of a triangle shape which hovered, then turned on its side. Both made report.
Man Describes Bizarre Event in Wyoming
In 2001 in Jackson, Wyoming, a motorist was driving when he came up a sight similar to a Sci-Fi movie.He saw a group of military men guarding a crash UFO.
Are Alien Abductions Real? Or All in the Mind?
Are Alien Abductions Real? UFOs / Aliens.
How One Family Found a Hidden Facility in a...
A family from Puerto Rico comes upon a hidden facility in rain forest in Puerto Rico; another Area 51?
The Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter
In January, of 2007, UFOs are sighted in Fayetteville, North Carolina
The Great Lakes Triangle - Alien Base?
The Great Lakes Triangle - Alien Base?
UFO Visits Tennessee Power Plant
An unknown flying object, an inverted triangle, visits a power plant in Tennessee, UFOs are attracted to power and water plants
Best UFO Cases of the 1960s
Best UFO cases of the 1960s
UFO Reports from Washington
2012 UFO sighting reports from the state of Washington
Philip Corso & Dead Alien Body
Philip Corso claims to have seen a dead alien body from Roswell crash
Alien / Human Contact
Alien contact with humans for the years 1896-1969
UFO Reports from New Jersey and the Country of...
Two close encounters occurred on the same date
Physical Evidence of UFOs
Timeline of UFO Crash / Physical Evidence Cases
Aliens in Georgia - Three Aliens Seen at...
On August 30, three alien beings are seen in the Georgia woods
Joseph Montoya, and the Roswell Alien Bodies
In early July, 1947, Lt. Governor Joseph Montoya was at Hangar P-3 at the Roswell Air Force Base, and saw four alien bodies. Here is the conclusion to his story
Alien Encounter in Puerto Rico
In 2005, a family encountered two alien beings in Puerto Rico. Page 2.
Tall or Short - Aliens Can Be Scary
Friends in Arizona encounter tall aliens from Triangle UFO, they are later visited by the Men-in-Black, occurred near nuclear plant
The Voronezh UFO Landing
1989-Giant aliens and robots emerge from landed UFO in Russia
UFO Reported over Texas
A UFO is reported over Texas. UFOs / Aliens.
Bright UFO Reported near Texas Military Base
Eyewitness in San Antonio, Texas reports seeing a fast-moving, extremely bright unknown object moving close to the flight path of Randolph Air Base
1878-Denison, Texas, UFO
In 1878 near the town of Denison, Texas, a farmer sees a UFO
1948-Death of Thomas Mantell
Pilot Thomas Mantell loses his life chasing a UFO
Policeman Reports UFO/Alien Sighting
Missouri Policeman reports UFO and alien sighting
Recent Triangle Reports - Triangle Close...
Recent reports of Triangle UFOs, close encounters with triangle UFOs
UFO near Nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania
UFO sighting in Pennsylvania, near nuclear plant
UFO Photograph - Costa Rica
In 1971, a government mapping program inadvertently snaps a photograph of a UFO entering Lake Cote
Two Unidentified Lights Witnessed over South...
On July 11, 2015, a man who works in television production was outside smoking a cigarette. Glancing to his left, he spotted two unknown lights hovering over the tree line.
1949-Norwood Searchlight Incident
10 visual sightings of UFOs in or near the Norwood, Ohio area
Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was...
Man and his wife see triangle UFO, and lose 48 minutes of time.
Husband and Wife Spot UFO in Colorado
A husband and wife have UFO sighting in Boulder, Colorado
1994 Encounter at Ruwa, Zimbabwe
In 1994, a UFO landed at a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe
Affidavit of Walter G. Haut, Roswell Crash
Affidavit of Walter G. Haut, Roswell Crash
A flying saucer changes colors in Spokane skies
A Spokane, Washington man witnesses a 'beautiful object' in the sky; object brings excitement
1979-The Dechmont Woods Alien Abduction of...
In 1979 in the Dechmont woods of Scotland, Robert Taylor was abducted by aliens
Alien Contact Cases
Alien contact cases for the years 1990 to present day
Writer Reports Sighting of Three UFOs over...
In May, 2015, a writer and Sci-Fi devotee has an unusual experience. In Germantown, Maryland, he spots three unidentified flying objects in the sky.
Group of Marines Report Sparkling UFO
In Silverdale, Washington, a group of Marines on night patrol witness an unusual, sparkling UFO moving in the sky. Soon the object becomes stationary.
1947-The Kenneth Arnold Sighting
In 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold sees nine flying discs
New Alien Images from Roswell Presented
On May 5, a presentation occurred in Mexico City. Allegedly, never-before-seen photographs of aliens from the Roswell crash were shown. There is disagreement among Ufologists.
1950-Dr. Botta & the Flying Saucer
In South America, 1950, Dr. Enrique Botta goes inside aflying saucer
Unidentified Submersible Objects
A discussion of unidentified submersible objects
Do Pilots Report UFOs?
Do Pilots Report UFOs? There are many cases of airplane pilots reporting and even chasing UFOs.

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