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UFOs and Aliens
Your source for information on UFOs and Aliens. Includes the early history of UFOs, classic UFO case studies, and current, breaking UFO sighting reports.
UFO Landings - The Best Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Join me as we take a look at some of the best documented cases of UFO landings.
Best UFO Crash Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
The Best UFO Crash Case Files. ... William Huffman, who claimed to have been called to the scene of a crashed UFO with dead aliens outside of town. Ads.
Best Documented Cases of Alien Abduction - UFOs and Aliens
They are stopped on the road by aliens, and become part of an abduction case ... Fifteen different people see a large, silver UFO fly over a housing project in St.
UFOs and Aliens - Questions and Answers
Every now and then, I am called on to answer some questions about UFO and aliens for radio shows, magazines, newspapers, and educational facilities. Here is ...
Story of the Apollo 11 UFO Sighting - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
The documentary quotes Buzz Aldrin as stating without reservation that the Astronauts saw a UFO that paced them for a time during their journey to the Moon .
1964-UFO Landing at Socorro, New Mexico - UFOs and Aliens
Summary: A UFO encounter with occupants in Socorro, New Mexico took place on April 24, 1964, and involved policeman Lonnie Zamora. This encounter is one  ...
True Stories of UFOs and Aliens (List of Links)
UFOs and Aliens - True Stories ... "I had seen at that time, one ominous night looking out my window, a UFO of some sort. It looked ... Black Friday UFO Sighting.
1957-The Levelland, Texas, UFO Landings - UFOs and Aliens
Summary: On November 2, 1957, one of the best documented cases of UFO landings took place in Levelland, Texas, at the time a city of about 10,000 people.
Michigan - Rich in UFO History - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Michigan and UFOs. Those of us who scan over UFO sighting reports on a daily basis normally see witnesses send in reports from all corners of the earth.

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