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Top 10 Aliens on Earth Films - Hollywood Movies - About.com
The Top 10 movies about aliens on Earth includes such films as District 9, Starman, ET, Men in Black, Earth Girls are Easy, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Have Aliens Ever Walked the Earth? Could They Ever?
Have aliens ever visited Earth? There are those that believe they have, but what does the science say? Is it even possible for a physical being to transverse the ...
Why would aliens visit Earth? - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
A discussion of possible reasons for alien visitation of Earth. ... Aliens: Why are They Here; What do They Want? Recently, I received a very interesting email ...
Aliens and Humans - Questions and Answers - UFOs and Aliens
There is no indication that aliens are related to humans. However, many researchers believe that ancient aliens may have seeded earth, that is, left their ...
The Best and Worst Alien Attack War Movies - About.com
In this week's feature, we examine these aliens, assessing the quality of the ... Aliens invade Earth in giant tentacled machines that destroy cities and chase after ...
UFOs and Aliens - Questions and Answers
When I was young, I felt that the possibility that Earth was the only inhabited ... Why don't the aliens, if they are real, just land on earth and invade humans?
Escape from Planet Earth - Movie Trailers, Clips and Info
Escape from Planet Earth - Movie trailer, clips and info about this animated alien ... Aliens represent the ultimate in the unknown, and thus, they are the perfect ...
WebQuest: Alien Field Trip to Planet Earth - A Fun Educational ...
The Alien Field Trip to Planet Earth is a fun educational webquest for 3rd grade kids ... Friendly aliens, traveling in a bright yellow space bus, have landed in your  ...
Top 25 Best Alien Invasion Horror Movies - About.com
Aliens invade Earth not to take over, but rather as a hunting trip to bag some human skulls. The original and its silly but still underappreciated sequel form an ...
Does Earth Exist in the Star Wars Universe? - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Sure enough, three aliens of E.T.'s species appear in the Galactic Senate in The ... The Star Wars movies on Earth, however, are just a fictional representation of ...

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