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Any craft that flies sometimes has to land, and that includes UFOs. There have been many instances of UFOs landing on roads, in fields, mountains, almost anywhere. Check out some great cases of eyewitness accounts of UFOs seen landing on planet Earth. See three examples below.

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Close Encounter with Triangle over Dene Park, England

Friday April 25, 2014
We have concluded our little series of some little-known alien abduction cases. I do hope you guys and gals enjoyed them. Now we turn to some more recent cases. The first one I am posting is very compelling, and only recently made it to my desk.

The case occurred in Dene Park, England in December of 2013. A motorist on his way home late at night saw what looked like three, green lights which formed a triangle. The most amazing fact is that the object was not more than 25 feet above a path in front of him.

The object would also make a maneuver that I have never heard of. Be sure to see what happens in Close Encounter with Triangle over Dene Park, England, and be sure to comment as you wish.

Close Encounter with the Unknown at Block Island, Rhode Island

Thursday April 24, 2014
I have a bizarre, somewhat spooky experience to share with you. It was very well-written by the lone eyewitness of the event. The experience is an old one, but I have only received it in the last month or so.

The eerie account occurred at Block Island, Rhode Island in July of 1969. While looking around the island, he discovered an old, abandoned wooden lean-to. He had to investigate the structure, and soon found himself in a very frightening state. He started to hear strange sounds, then after a time, he saw something he will never forget.

See the rest of his story at Close Encounter with the Unknown at Block Island, Rhode Island, and comment as you wish.

Photograph of Triangle Taken in Kansas

Wednesday April 23, 2014
We have mentioned in the past about how the triangle-shaped UFOs are such a mystery. The low-flying, silent craft move slowly over neighborhoods only evoking enigmatic theories as to what they are and where they come from.

Nowadays, there are as many reports of triangle UFOs as there are discs and orbs. We also talked about how so few photographs are taken of the triangles. It is quite possible that a man from Kansas may have snapped one.

Check it out at Photographer, Aviation Experts Stunned by Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object, and be sure to comment if you so desire.

The 10 Most Important UFO Cases in Indiana History, Pt 3

Monday April 21, 2014
I have completed the 3-part series of The 10 Most Important UFO Cases in Indiana History. I hope you enjoyed them. In part 3, we have several cases to discuss. First of all, is the case of a number of loud booms that occurred in April, 2008.

Next is the Matthew Reed and family abductions. I know Matthew personally and believe he is an honest man. Next we have a case that goes back to the 1800s, and lastly we visit an area that has had hundreds of UFO reports.

Check out part 3 at The 10 Most Important UFO Cases in Indiana History, Pt 3, and I would like to see your comments on the series.

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