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UFOs and Water

What is the attraction that UFOs have to water. There are so many of these types of cases, they need to be studied more. Let's take at look at some of these.    

UFOs and Water
UFOs / Aliens Spotlight10

Silver Disc Witnessed by Husband and Wife in Arizona

Silver Disc UFO over Arizona Seen by Husband and Wife

Chevron-shaped UFOs Seen over Ontario, Canada

Boomerang UFOs Reported Ontario, Canada

Intense Yellow Orb Witnessed over Millville, New Jersey

Several Orbs Witnessed in New Jersey

Triangle UFO Witnessed by Family in Coalinga, California

UFO Triangle Seen in California

Frightening Close Encounter in the Yukons

UFO Encounter in Yukon

Encounters over Beale Air Force Base

UFOs Encountered over Beale Air Force Base

UFO Sighting Reports for California

Recent UFO sighting reports from California

Unknown Object Baffles New York Skywatcher

UFO sky watcher baffled lights in new york sky

Hunters Alien Abduction in North Bay, Ontario Forest

Canadian man relates alien abduction

Mysterious Alien Encounter in Usak, Turkey

alien being encountered turkey

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