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The Best UFO Crash Cases

The Best UFO Crash Cases


UFO Crash Cases

UFO Crash Cases

B J Booth
1897-The Aurora, Texas UFO Crash

Occurring during the "Great Airship" wave of the late 1800s, the legend of a UFO crash and a dead alien have survived over a century of debate. Allegedly, the dead alien pilot is buried in the local cemetery. The story of the crash was related by local newspapers, the UPI, and AP. The city received "historical site" status because of the incident.

1941-The Missouri UFO Crash Retrieval

Brought to public knowledge by UFO investigator Leo Stringfield, from an account by Charlette Mann. Mann related the story of her grandfather Reverend William Huffman, who claimed to have been called to the scene of a crashed UFO with dead aliens outside of town.

1947-The Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash

The most famous UFO case of all occurred near Corona, Mexico. Rancher Mac Brazel found strange crash debris on his morning rounds, and reported his find to local radio station. Soon, the military from Roswell AFB was involved, and issued a press statement that the Air Force had captured a UFO.

1948-UFO Crash at Aztec, New Mexico

Author Frank Scully described the Aztec crash as that of a craft which was measured at exactly 99.99 feet in diameter, covered by a material which resembled a light weight, shiny metal that possessed incredible strength and durability. It seems that nothing on this earth could penetrate or damage the hull of this craft from another world.

1953-UFO Crash in Arizona

The eyewitness was working for a company that had a government contract at a nuclear site in Nevada. He was summoned by his boss on 5-21-53, and sent on a "secret" assignment. Arriving at their secret destination, two military light-alls illuminated a surreal scene in the late night, pre-dawn skies of the desert. The engineer was amazed to see a disc-shaped craft embedded in the sand.

1965-The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Crash

On December 5, 1965, something came from the skies of Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, finally crashing into the woods near the town of Kecksburg. Frances Kalp was the closest to the crash, and reported it to the local radio station. Soon, Pennsylvania state police and U.S. military took over the investigation.

1967-UFO Crash at Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia

Eyewitnesses see several unknown objects in the sky, and soon they crash into the seas of Shag Harbor. Rescue workers, fearing a plane crash, rush to the area, only to find bright, yellow foam on the ocean. Several days of search find nothing. Investigators believe the object, still intact has left the area.

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