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Current UFO Sighting Reports & News
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Fishermen Spot UFO at Kentucky Lake
In July, 2011, two boys fishing at a Kentucky lake spot a UFO

2010 - Triangle UFO over Ohio
An About reader relates the sighting of a triangle UFO over Hillsboro, Ohio

Readers Submits Kansas City Sightings
About.com readers submits UFO sighting reports from Kansas City

Planes and UFO in Near Miss
Three RAF planes have near-miss with UFO in 1990

Bermuda Triangle UFO Report
A veteran sea voyager recounts UFO sighting in Bermuda Triangle

Commercial Pilot Saw Phoenix Lights
A commercial pilot recounts seeing Phoenix Lights in 1997

Louisiana UFOs - Reported by Pilot
A pilot reports two UFOs over Louisiana

Pilot Reports Disappearing UFO
Disappearing UFO reported over North Carolina - Pilot Report

Policeman Reports UFO/Alien Sighting
Missouri Policeman reports UFO and alien sighting

Current UFO Report
North Wales ex-policeman reports UFO

UFO Sighting Reported by Florida Policeman
A Florida Policeman makes UFO report

Are the videos taken over Jerusalem real or fake?
The biggest UFO topic lately has been a series of videos of alleged UFOs over the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Let's take a good look at these, and see what we can discover.

Current UFO Reports
Reports from a recent UFO mini-wave over Florida

Reader Related UFO Sightings
Reader Related UFO sightings, Texas and California

Virginia Beach Report with Photos
About.com reader submits report and photos of sighting over Virginia Beach, VA

Reader UFO Sightings, Maine and Arizona
An about.com reader relates UFO sightings over Maine and Arizona

Alien Encounter - Alien Encountered in Cheatham County, TN
In February, 2010, a woman in Tennessee encountered an alien creature

Shape-Changing UFO over Texas
Two witnesses see a shape-changing UFO over Texas

UFO over Chicago, 2009
An about.com reader has reported the sighting of a UFO over Chicago, witnessed by several individuals

Reader Reports Two UK UFO Sightings
An about.com reader has reported two recent UFO sightings in the United Kingdom

UFOs & Aliens - Questions and Answers
A question and answer session with your UFO Guide

UFO Hovers ,Beings Seen in Monahans, Texas
On December 11, 2009, multiple witnesses see hovering UFO and alien beings in Monahans, Texas

Reader Sights Immense, Silent Craft over Ohio
One of our readers has related the sighting of an immense, silent UFO over Ohio.

UFO Reports from Tennessee
In October and November of 2009, the state of Tennessee generated a number of UFO reports

North Dakota Lights
On 10-09-09, in North Dakota, three hunters see unknown lights in the sky. To their west, three college women, also star gazing were found dead in a farmer's pond.

Missouri UFO Sightings
A series of UFO sightings in the state of Missouri began in October. The sightings have continued into November.

Missouri UFO Sightings
Beginning in October, 2009, a number of UFO sightings were recorded over the state of Missouri

Mother and Daughter Encounter UFO over Alabama
On September 22, 2009, a mother and daughter encounter a triangular-shaped UFO over Cleveland, Alabama

Cone-Shape Light - Wave of UFO Reports
A cone-shaped light obscured by a mist has been reported over the northeast United States and Canada on 09-19-09

Aliens in Georgia - Three Aliens Seen at Georgia Campsite
On August 30, three alien beings are seen in the Georgia woods

UFOs over North Carolina - Family Watches UFO over North Carolina
A family camping at Salter Path, North Carolina watches a UFO show

How to Report a UFO
How to Report a UFO, Tips, Tricks & Suggestions

Do Pilots Report UFOs?
Many people believe that airplane pilots never report UFOs

Who Reports a UFO?
Are UFOs normally only reported by uneducated individuals?

UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway - Was a UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway?
Radio station callers describe a UFO being transported down Dallas' I-20

UFO Encounter in Nevada - Teenagers Encounter UFOs in Nevada
Three UFOs are encountered in the desert of Nevada

MUFON Final Report on the Dallas I-20 Incident
See MUFON's final report on the Dallas I-20 Incident

Guide Interview with Nick Pope, UFO Investigator
Your UFO Guide's interview with Great Britain UFO researcher Nick Pope

UFO Lands, Beings Emerge in Texas - Were Beings Extraterrestrial?
UFO lands, three beings emerge in Texas, March, 2009

UFOs Photographed over Texas - Three Objects Caught on Camera
On March 10, 2009, a man, his wife, and son, witness and photograph three objects over Texas

Great Britain UFO Sightings, January, 2009
Great Britain UFO sighting reports of January, 2009

Orange Glowing UFO over Panama City Beach, Florida
An orange glowing UFO with white light observed in Florida

Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was Couple Abducted by Aliens?
Man and his wife see triangle UFO, and lose 48 minutes of time.

Motorist Reports Possible UFO Landing in New Hampshire
A motorist sees a UFO near highway in New Hampshire with 4 landing legs distended

Crop Circles of Brazil-Could the Crop Circles of Brazil be Extraterrestrial?
Could the Crop Circles of Brazil be Extraterrestrial? See reports and photographs of two recent crop circles in Brazil

The Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter
In January, of 2007, UFOs are sighted in Fayetteville, North Carolina

British Ministry of Defence Releases More UFO Files
The British Ministry of Defence releases more UFO files

Two UFO Sightings in Germany
Here are two interesting reports of UFOs from Germany

Pennsylvania UFO Wave, 2008
There is an ongoing wave of UFO sightings over the state of Pennsylvania. See my report on this case

Great Britain UFO Wave of 2008
From April through June of 2008, Great Britain has experienced a UFO wave. See a chronological synopsis of these sightings

MUFON's Findings on the Texas Sightings
My report on MUFON's findings on the Texas sightings of 2008

Strange UFO over Eugene, Oregon
A Strange UFO was observed over Eugene, Oregon on February 15, 2008

Update: The Texas Sightings of 2008
An update on the investigation into the Texas Sightings of 2008

The Duluth, Minnesota Lights
In March of 2008, a series of strange lights were observed over the city of Dulith, Minnesota

Readers Submit Photographs, Reports
About.com Readers Submit Photographs, Reports

UFO and Alien Tracks Seen in British Columbia, Canada
In December, 2007, seven witnesses observe a UFO, and film strange tracks in the snow in British Columbia, Canada

Witnesses of Texas UFOs Claim Intimidation and Harassment
Witnesses of Texas UFOs claim intimidation and harassment

UFO Sightings over Stephenville, TX Continue
The UFO sightings over Stephenville, Texas continue

Stephenville, Texas, UFO Wave, 2008
A series of sightings of large UFOs reported over Stephenville, Texas

Air Force Pilot Photographs UFOs over Van Buren, Arkansas
2007-Ex-Air Force Pilot Photographs UFOs over Van Buren, Arkansas

U. K. Pilot Sees Mile Long UFO
U.K. Pilot Sees mile long UFO over the coast of Alderney

Encounter at Billerica
A UFO hovered over a house at Billerica, Massachusetts, attempting to abduct woman

Readers Report UFO Sightings
Readers of the UFO/Alien Section of About.com share their experiences

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of North Carolina

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of Arizona

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of Arkansas

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of Pennsylvania

UFO Sightings - December, 2010
Reader Sighting Reports from California and New York

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports for the week ending 12-02-10

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports for the week ending 11-25-10

UFO Area
Sky Visitors, Sightings, Alien Visitations, and more about UFOs

Filer's Files - Weekly UFO Sighting Reports
A weekly compilation of UFO Sightings from around the world

What a Tangled Web We Weave...
The alleged Canada Spiral discovered to be a hoax

Texas Sky Watcher Relates UFO Sightings
An avid sky watcher from Hempstead, Texas, relates UFO sightings

Missouri Sightings
Reader Submits Sighting Reports

The Manhattan Balloon Theory
A reader gives his opinion on the Manhattan UFOs and the alien agenda

Reader Submissions
About.com readers from Germany and the United States Submit Reports

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of Ohio

Current UFO Reports
Current UFO sighting reports from the state of Arizona

Two UFOs Seen over Texas-Oklahoma Border
On Easter, 2011, two UFOs connect with red beam over Texas-Oklahoma border

UFO Digest - UFO & Paranormal News
UFO Digest: UFO and Paranormal News from Around the World

UFO Casebook - Current UFO Sighting Reports
The Latest UFO Sightings from the UFO Casebook

UFO News Blog
UFO News Blog, Current UFO News

UFO Roundup - Weekly UFO News
A weekly report of UFO related news

Unknown Country - UFO News
Latest UFO news reports from Whitley Strieber

Project Camelot
To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’– in the area of exopolitics, free energy and investigation into conspiracies that threaten the current paradigm

Inside the Shadows
"Inside the Shadows" is a bilateral examination of out of this world occurrences, UFO sightings, paranormal activity, conspiracies, ghosts, secret societies, and the unexplained.

Current UFO Reports
Selected UFO sighting reports from the state of Washington

Triangle Close Encounter and Abduction in Nottingham, England
Family Terrorized in Great Britain

UFOs: Alien on the Ground in Anza, California
ufos and aliens in Anza, California

Close Encounter with Alien in Rockville, Virginia
alien encounter, virginia 1969, ufo lights

Saucer-shaped UFO Struck by Lightning in Canada
ufo over canada, ufo struck by lightning, aliens, extraterrestrial intelligence

Massive Triangle UFO Spotted by Panicked Motorist in Alabama
triangle ufo over alabama

Egg-shaped UFO Witnessed over Trenton, New Jersey
ufo reported over new jersey

Unknown Object Baffles New York Skywatcher
UFO sky watcher baffled lights in new york sky

Mysterious Alien Encounter in Usak, Turkey
alien being encountered turkey

Hunters Alien Abduction in North Bay, Ontario Forest

2004 - Alien Creature Spotted by Motorist in Indiana
Multiple Witnesses Spot Alien in Indiana

UFO Sighting Reports for California
Recent UFO sighting reports from California

Intense Yellow Orb Witnessed over Millville, New Jersey
Several Orbs Witnessed in New Jersey

Triangle UFO Witnessed by Family in Coalinga, California
UFO Triangle Seen in California

Some Recent Reports and Updates
Selected UFO Reports from USA

UFO over Warren Air Base
An unidentified flying object is seen over air base

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