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Strange UFO over Eugene, Oregon

Strange UFO over Eugene, Oregon


This is an eyewitness account of a UFO sighting over the state of Oregon, which occurred on 02-15-08, at approximately 3:00 PM. The witness states that the incident unfolded as he was downtown Eugene sitting on a patio, having a late lunch. The weather was nice, with a slight overcast of thin layers of high altitude cirrus clouds. It was overly warm for the time of the year, at about 55 degrees. The witness was thinking about how nice the day was, and he looked up to the sky to see if possibly any rain clouds had formed.

As he did, he noticed a small object, which was very high, and slightly to his east. He estimated the height of the unknown object at about 1,000 feet. The object was moving in and out of the clouds, but never was it completely obscured by the clouds. The object, measured at arm's length, would have been about the size of a golf ball. Although the object seemed small, he could still make out some details. It was a brilliant white, and appeared to shine with its own light source.

The UFO was round on top, but had a flat bottom. The bottom was slightly concave, and below it there was a thin, bright filament of bright light. At the end of the filament, there was a round light. This light constantly changed colors, alternating orange, green, and white. Also, part of this cycle included the complete disappearance of the light. This lower light moved in a circular motion, giving the appearance of a light dangling on a string, and being swung in a circle.

The witness had some astronomical background, and stated that his first inclination was that he might be seeing a satellite, as he had seen a number of them previously. He stated that seeing daylight satellites was very common, and he was very much aware of how objects in low-earth-orbit appeared to the naked eye. He immediately ruled this out, however, as the path of the UFO was much too slow for a satellite. This object, at times, appeared to simply hover in the sky.

He could clearly see the object as it slowly moved from the northeast to the southwest. The winds were only blowing about 10 miles per hour, and were easterly, which meant that the UFO was powering itself against the wind, ruling out any type of balloon, kite, or other object that would be blown to the east. After watching the UFO for about five minutes, it suddenly changed its course, and began moving in the same direction of the wind-easterly. The prevailing clouds were passing the object, which meant the object was moving slowly, and independently of the winds current. After a minute or two, the object had moved so far away, that it was no longer visible.

The eyewitness stated, "I have no idea what this could have been. I know that when I saw it, I was having a very pleasant moment. It had been a relaxing day. I'd just moved to Eugene, and I was thinking what a nice place it was, and I was having one of those rare moments when there are no worries and no stress. My mind was open and at ease. I thought about running inside to ask someone to look at the object with me, but they were all strangers to me, and I have to admit I was embarrassed to ask a roomful of strangers to 'come look at the UFO out here.' This object had the strangeness that so many people talk about when they have a sighting. It was entirely real, and yet it also seemed to be not completely here in some way."

It is rare to get such a complete, detailed report as the witness has given us. The object he so clearly observed is unique. The strange filament that hung below with the swinging light is a description I have not heard before. It is very intriguing, to say the least. Does the surrealism of the sighting indicate that the object was possibly in transition between our world and another dimension? Or was it a visitor from far, far away? We may never know what appeared in the skies over Eugene, Oregon on February 15, 2008.

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