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UFO Reports from the State of Nebraska

UFOs over the State of Nebraska


Updated November 14, 2012

My latest posting brings us up to date on some recent UFO sightings from the state of Nebraska. Without a doubt, the most famous case from Nebraska is that of The Herbert Schirmer Abduction. Now let's see some more recent reports.

Omaha - 09-22-12

I was leaving my house in south Omaha to go to work on Saturday morning. It was exactly 6:30 am on the clock in my car. I noticed a very, very bright light kind of hovering over the sky above the house.

In retrospect, it looked like it was right over the point in the attic of the house. So I back up and this light goes straight up vertically right over the house, moving higher into the sky. I noticed it and stopped.

When I stopped, it stopped. Then I put the car back in drive and moved back into the driveway, the light followed and dropped back down, moving closer. I did it again and the light followed each time.

Then I started thinking; maybe it is a police helicopter or something. So I back out again and pulled out as I normally do, still seeing this light moving with me. I went to the end of the drive and began to pull out on to the street.

Curiosity had a hold of me at this point, so I put the car in park and got out again. The light had moved over horizontally again as if it was following me.

I noticed the time was now 6:50 am, which seemed crazy; time just flew, and I did not realize I had spent so much time watching this bright light.

So I get back in the car, and drive away. I drove 2 blocks over and 4 blocks up which took me to the stop sign at 23rd and F Street. I put the car in park again and got out to see if I could see the light. It was there, right above the street, definitely following me. I wasn't afraid or anything, I just kept thinking, what the heck is this?

So I was getting back in the car and I saw a man going to his car. I kind of waved to him and I asked him if he could see this light. He kept saying no, but there is no way anyone could miss this light. I told him to follow the tree line and look again. He said no and got in his car.

So I got back in my car and proceeded to work. I work off of 120th and Maple. When I got to work, I glanced up quickly to see if I see anything but I did not.

So a few minutes later, a co-worker arrived, she had picked up breakfast and her hands were full, so I went to the door to help her gather her things. The light was there.

I asked her if she could see it and she did. She said she thought it was a Black Hawk helicopter and did not seem too impressed.

Omaha - 07-17-12

On Saturday afternoon, I was driving east on the Dodge Street expressway and saw a green, metallic sphere about 50 feet in the air on the south side of the road in front of the apartments around 180th and Dodge.

At first I thought it was a telephone line buoy that they use to warn airplanes of high lines, but when I got closer to it, it was not attached to anything. It was hovering in the sky and then it seemed to float fast from east to west and then hovered over the field on the west side of the apartments.

As I drove on eastward, it went out of sight so I don't know how long it had been there before I spotted it.

Hampton - 08-30-12

I am watching the sky from Hampton looking north and slightly east. The object is about 30 degrees above the horizon. It appears stationary, but is rapidly flashing lights; the colors include blue, red, green, and gold.

I am using binoculars, but I cannot get a good view of what it can be, appears to be just a multicolored flashing object. The colors are flashing one after the other but they do not seem to be in any order, or in any particular repetition, but the flashes vary in duration.

I have seen these before, but never this bright or close. These are definitely not FAA lights; I am very familiar with those.

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