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2012 UFO Reports from Pennsylvania

UFO Sightings over Pennsylvania


The state of Pennsylvania has its share of sightings, and is known for its occasional wave. Here are some previously posted articles on the state: The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO Crash, Pennsylvania UFO Wave, 2008, UFOs over Linesville, Pennsylvania, and Five Sightings over Pennsylvania.

Now let's look at some 2012 reports from the state.

Philadelphia - 12-06-12

A dark, silent boomerang-shaped object was seen by 3 in Philadelphia. My friends and I were leaving a party at another friend's house around 2 am. When we walked outside we immediately noticed how bright the stars were and how many of them we could see.

We were in north central Philadelphia, near Temple University, where even on the clearest nights you can hardly see stars because of the light pollution. We were all just taking a moment to look up at the stars, marveling at our freak ability to see so many.

My friend remarked that he could see Orion's belt and that's about when I saw a dark, v-shaped formation flying across the sky. I thought at first it was a flock of geese, especially since it was moving southeast, but I quickly realized it wasn't.

As soon as I said "Look at that planet," I realized it wasn't a plane at all, there were no lights on it and it was flying very low to the ground (maybe 600 or 700 feet in the air at most) it was also completely silent.

Just to be clear, we live near 2 airports, we see taking off/landing planes all the time, daily, and this is not what they look like). As soon as I pointed out the "plane," then quickly corrected myself and said "Wait, no, there's no lights on it, hold on," it was out of sight.

It was moving silently, gliding, but it was moving at a pretty good speed. My other two friends who had seen it confirmed how strange it was and we tried to run down the street to keep up with it, but lost sight due to the bright street lights and buildings in our way.

Homer City - 11-16-12

A bright, diamond-shaped moving object with a bright beam of light was observed. My friend and I were driving to her house tonight and we saw something that looked like some kind of UFO.

This is the first time I've experienced this, so I didn't think to take any pictures. It was a large, diamond-shaped bright light in the sky. It was pretty high up, but we were on Jacksonville Road in Homer City, PA, and its wide open fields for miles.

When we first spotted it, we just thought it was the North Star, but as we kept looking at it, it got larger and brighter. It also shot a very bright light into a field, and also on the tree tops. It wasn't moving at all at first, but as we kept driving it started moving away from us.

That's when we drove a little faster around this bend, to find it completely vanished out of the sky. We looked for it the whole way home, but we never saw it again.

From the time we first spotted it, to the time it disappeared, it was only about 7-8 seconds. I've never seen anything like that before and my friend and I would really like to figure out what we have just seen in the sky.

Manheim - 11-08-12

White lights are seen in the sky making weird moves. I looked out my patio door before going to bed and noticed all the stars and the Little Dipper and saw a red streak go across the sky, so I kept looking and saw what I thought was a star drop down real fast and stop and then do a circle.

It stayed still for a few seconds then moved to the right and then up again and stopped. It continued doing circles and moving right and left and then would stay still for a few seconds.

I started looking at all the stars and could pick out three more that were doing the same thing. I noticed a plane that flew over them. When the plane flew over they were still.

When the plane was a good distance away they started moving again. I saw another red or orange streak, it was real fast. I went to call my sister for her to look at them and when I went back to look again I could only find one.

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