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UFO Sighting Reports - 04-08-10

Current UFO Reports


Updated January 27, 2012

Ohio - 03-18-10

My friend and I were at Walnut Beach sky watching. We noticed a bright object in the early morning sky. We focused my video camera on it, centered the object on the video cameras screen, then paid no attention to it.

We then talked about what we had seen earlier that night over the lake, then turned back to the camera and noticed that the object had moved. We continued to observe the object until it suddenly disappeared.

We thought that the object could have been a star or planet at first, but quickly realized that the earth simply doesn't rotate fast enough to account for how far the object progressed across the sky, and even if it were a star or planet, the path it would have followed across the sky would have been entirely different.

We then thought about the idea of the object being an aircraft, however, I did not see any anti-collision, wing, or landing lights that were blinking at a timed interval on this object.

The object appeared to be pulsating with no predetermined order and flashing an array of colors.

I further concluded that the object could not have been a aircraft because the object was heading in a eastern heading towards the rising sun that was in the sky.

Ohio - 03-19-10

I walked outside my condo in West Linn, Oregon, to walk the dog at around 8:00 PM. It was completely dark except for the stars and the crescent moon - there were no clouds in the sky.

Instantly I heard dogs barking and howling in the northwest direction of the neighborhood, but my dog remained silent (he's not a me-too barker).

Right away I looked up in the sky as I always do when I go outside, and to my left I saw a low-flying vehicle that was coming from the southeast direction and heading northwest. I estimated it being between 50 to 75 yards up in the sky.

It was close enough that I saw the bottom of the metal, triangular-shaped vehicle. I was thinking it would hit some trees or crash because it was so low, but apparently it didn't.

I could see the bottom of this jet-sized vehicle, but it was triangle shaped and didn't look like a plane or jet. It was at least 75 feet long.

Afterwards, when I stretched my arm out where I saw the vehicle before, it was the size of my hand (woman's hand). Source: www.mufon.com

Ohio - 04-01-10

I live in Youngstown, Ohio. I am an avid sky watcher and UFO researcher. Last night during a skywatch, I filmed something very interesting. There was an apparent water main break down the street from where I was, it was very loud.

So I kept looking in that direction. I saw through the trees a bright, shiny, gold star moving up and slowly above the trees in the neighborhood a few streets away. I honestly thought it was a satellite, but I filmed it anyway.

The object, seen clearly on film, hovers for an extended time before very, very slowly making its way toward where I was standing. The sky was clear, the weather was about 55 degrees at that moment.

I was initially filming under infrared night vision on my Sony HDD DCR SR40 Handycam. It records onto a disk drive.

As the object made it's way closer from East to West, I shut off the infrared night vision and recorded under regular night vision. Zooming in on the object, it appeared to be two, square, white, strobing lights. No FAA red or green blinking lights, no nose light on the craft.

Ohio - 04-01-10

I was driving home from washing clothes. I turned on Kirk Road from Meridian Road. On Kirk, when I got to the hill I noticed a light right through the trees.

It came from behind the trees, then I noticed another light behind it as I got closer. I saw both objects flying low - one behind the other.

They were triangle shaped, and there was no noise. They flew over the road ahead of us, then over a large lot with a building. I then received a call from my girlfriend. She was in the general area, and also saw the same thing I did.

I've been in the military, and seen stealth jets in flight, but what I saw this day, I have never seen before. Source: www.mufon.com

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