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UFO Research - Taking UFO Research to the Next Level

UFO Research - The Next Level


Robert Bigelow

Bigelow at Conference

Robert Bigelow
UFO Research Receives Large Donation

The MUFON organization is the world's largest UFO investigative group. Comprised of thousands of members worldwide, it has always prided itself in that all of its investigators work pro bono. That is, until now.

Billionaire Robert Bigelow, already known for his donations of millions of dollars to various UFO research projects, is now supplying MUFON with the money they need to take UFO investigation to the next level.

His donations are based on the idea that MUFON will not only obtain irrefutable proof that UFOs are real, but also to farm the technology used by alien intelligence to advance our own scientific understanding.

Rapid Response Team

Primarily, the funds will support a rapid response team that will quickly reach the destination of a high-level UFO event.

This has always been a soft spot in UFO research. Even with UFO information flowing on the Internet at a rapid pace, we have a big void in proving the existence of UFOs as real structured craft.

The void: experienced investigators to actually visit the site, interview witnesses, take photographs and video of the site, and possibly obtain physical traces of the craft.

This takes money and time. UFO research is no different than any other, and although some people will donate their time to a cause, they must be financially secure enough to pay their own way.

There are travel expenses, room and board costs, photographic and video equipment to buy and maintain, and there are few who can fly anywhere in the world on their own penny, at the drop of a hat.

Bigelow has even gone a step further by hiring 50 scientists who will aid MUFON as consultants and also provide the lab works to conduct analysis on possible trace evidence taken from an event site.

A Trial Run

The idea is that investigators on the scene can be drop-shipped any and all special equipment needed to fit a specific investigation. March 1 marks the creation of the new MUFON SIP (Star Impact Project).

The new project will be reviewed at the end of June to see if it will be continued, and there is no foreseeable reason to think it would be dropped.

Now, instead of just reporting and collecting sighting reports, UFO research has possibly moved to another level-the ability to visit, analyze, and collect the evidence needed to prove that we are not alone.

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