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Unidentified Submersible Objects

USOs - Underwater UFOs


Costa Rica - 1971

Costa Rica - 1971

Government of Costa Rica

Coast of Florida - 1968

In 1968, a Panamax a bulk carrier, The Grichuna, under the Swiss flag, was off the coast of Florida. It was loaded with coal, and in route to Japan. The reporter of this incident was a second officer, who was on night watch from 00:00 to 04:00 hours.

The Grichuna was in good weather, and cruising at about 15 knots when our witness, who was watching the lights of Palm Beach, saw lights under the water's surface. The lights were about 10-15 meters deep, and 30-40 meters distant.

He could make out an object which looked like a plane without wings or a tail. He could also see windows, from which light glowed. He thought there were 10-12 windows.

The USO was crossing the path of the Grichuna, and moving about twice her speed, it soon was under the ship's bow. The second officer estimated the length of the object at 9 meters. Another seaman on the bridge admitted to seeing something under the water, but was not sure what it was.

The second officer was experienced with many years at sea. He had seen about everything there was to see on the ocean, but this time he was baffled. His testimony is definite proof of the existence of USOs.

Buff Ledge, Virginia - 1968

Another case of UFOs entering the water is that of the Buff Ledge Encounter. In 1968, Buff Ledge, a girls' summer camp in Virginia, would be visited by four UFOs which maneuvered in and out of the waters of Lake Champlain.

Michael Lapp, a sixteen-year-old maintenance man, and 19-year-old water ski instructor Janet Cornell were relaxing on a boat dock on a quite afternoon, as most of the camp inhabitants were away at a swim meet.

Late afternoon, they were surprised to see a bright light approaching the lake. The object appeared to be a large disc. Soon, three smaller objects fell from the larger craft. These three craft begin to move over the lake, appearing to put on an air show.

Soon, the mother ship descended into the water, emerged, and came right at the two friends. The object was so close that two, small beings could be seen through a dome-like, transparent top. The next thing the two friends knew they were waking up, still staring at the object, now in the distance.

Michael was trying to get his bearings. He checked on Janet, who seemed to be in a trance. Soon, they heard the welcome sounds of the swim team returning to camp. The mother ship moved from view, disappearing into the sky.

It would be ten more years before Michael, plagued by disturbing dreams of being abducted, would call upon the services of the Center for UFO Studies. Investigator Walter Webb took the case, and suggested regressive hypnosis. This procedure brought out the details of an alien abduction.

Likewise, Janet would also find that she had been abducted, and subjected to medical tests. Webb would also find other witnesses from the camp that saw strange lights over Lake Champlain the same night of the abductions.

Costa Rica - 1971

A rare photograph is taken of a gigantic UFO over Lake Cote by a government mapping program in 1971. The photograph clearly shows details of the terrain below, and a silver, disc-shaped object, which appears to be entering the water.

American expert analysis deems the photograph authentic, and because the plane was flying at fixed altitude of 10,000 feet, it can be estimated that the UFO was over 600 feet in diameter. See more details of this case at UFO Photograph, Costa Rica, 1971.

The Sognefjord, Norway USO - 1972

For two weeks, the Norwegian Navy tracked a USO in the Sognefjord, the world's second longest fjord. The incident was taken so seriously by the government that ships and sub-seeking helicopters were called to find the object. On November 20, the UFO was seen exiting the water, and described as "a massive, silent, cigar-shaped object".

One ship actually opened fire on what was considered a hostile craft, but to no avail, as the USO simply dove into the waters. The unknown object also avoided depth-charges. Finally, it was decided to block up the fjord and trap the object, but somehow it slipped away.

Mayaquez, Puerto Rico - 1977

A USO case that was witnessed by as many as 2,000 people occurred in Mayaquez, Puerto Rico, on September 13, 1977. Eyewitness reports described two, large UFOs, which flew over a Puerto Rican city, and dove into the Atlantic about a mile from shore. The object was seen entering and exiting the ocean multiple times.

The UFOs were seen by many people on the shore, and also fishermen at sea. The objects so frightened the witnesses that many felt the end of the world had come. Fishermen, hastily speeding for shore, would not go back to their trade during the sightings.

Mayaquez Police Sergeant Ramon Ramirez observed the objects for a time, and attempted to quiet the fears of the witnesses. He stated that "It was a strange object to them and they didn't know what it was."

One of the local fishermen added: "I've been a fisherman for a long time and I've been out on that water for a long time and I've never seen anything like what I saw that night."

Asked what he thought the object was, Lopez said: "In my opinion, it was a UFO, a flying saucer."

Millazo, Italy - 1986

In February, 1986, a UFO moving in the water was spotted by one Antonino Abramo, who was fishing alone at night in the Largo di Millazzo (ME). He first noticed an intense, yellow light rising from the sea, and illuminating a large area of the water.

The light began to change from yellow to greenish, light blue, and finally white. He estimated the light was several kilometers from his boat. As he watched the light, the sea began to boil, and an unknown, elliptical object exited the sea. Abramo could see a lighted, domed top on the object.

A number of small lights of various colors circled the object. Soon, the unknown craft began to rise, and climb into the skies. It stopped momentarily, then sped away. He estimated the entire experience was only about 20 seconds in length.

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