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UFO Frequently Asked Questions


Some of the most frequently asked questions about UFOs and Aliens are answered by your UFO Guide

1. What Is a UFO?

I would like to clear up any misconceptions about what a UFO really is.

2. When Did UFO Reports Begin?

To properly answer this question, there are some facts that need to be cleared up.

3. Has ET Made Contact With Earthlings?

Although there is no official goverment statement as of yet, we might all be surprised by the answer to this question.

4. Are UFOs Extraterrestrial Spacecraft?

Have extraterrestrial spacecraft invaded Earth's skies? The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

5. Has Air Force Stated "UFOs Not Real?"

Many people believe that since the United States Air Force closed Project Bluebook, the government has determined that UFOs are not real.

6. Do Pilots Report UFOs?

The character and reputation of an airplane pilot is extremely important, as he holds the life of his passengers in his hands.

7. Who Reports UFOs?

What is the source of UFO sighting reports? Are they all made by unbalanced individuals?

8. How to Make a UFO Report?

If you see a UFO, and decide to report it, what exactly should be your course of action?
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