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Five-sided UFO Seen over Cheyenne, Wyoming

UFO Encountered in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Pentagon-shaped UFO

Pentagon-shaped UFO

B J Booth
Updated December 21, 2011

The following account was sent to me by a reader who wanted her experience to be made known. It has been quite some time since the event occurred, but she is certain that it happened in the early part of the 1970s.

She told me that she has thought about this for many years, and is going public for the benefit of Ufology. Her story begins in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She was not the only person to see unknown objects during this time, as sightings were reported in a Colorado newspaper, along with a drawing from one of the eyewitnesses.

Wyoming is known for two other UFO events: One is the 1974 Abduction of Hunter Carl Higdon, and the second is the case of a UFO near Cheyenne, Wyoming, F E Warren AFB in 1976.

The incident reported by our witness also occurred near the Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne. To coin and old phrase, her story begins on a dark, stormy night, with low-hanging clouds obscuring the moon. She and a friend left her house and were driving toward town on Rossman School Route, which is off College Drive.

A Trip to Town; The Light

As she passed the school, she saw a very bright light in the sky above. Trying to get a good look at the UFO, she slowed her vehicle to an idle, and opened the driver's side window. By her own admission, she was a very curious person, so she pulled off the road.

She got out of the car, and stood outside, gazing up at the unknown object. Her friend was so frightened, she stayed in the vehicle. The craft above was extremely large. She could hear no sound whatsoever, or feel any wind generated by an engine or propeller. Then the object began to lower itself to a point just above her, as if it was curious about her.

She then yelled at the object and waved her arms in the air; "Come on down, I want to talk to you!" she exclaimed.

Now, as she looks back at the sighting, she is surprised that she felt no fear. She was just a bit nervous, but not enough to make her leave the area. The possibility that she might be looking at a real UFO was enough to keep her glued to the spot. She had possessed a genuine interest in the UFO subject since she was a young child.

UFO Makes Not a Sound

Although the night was quiet, she could not hear a sound coming from the UFO, or feel any effects, and at the time, she wondered why they had no interest in communicating with her. She could clearly see that the object had five corners, made of large, steel beams that shaped the object. Each point had a light.

All of a sudden, the object shot off toward the northeast. It moved so fast that it was gone from sight in seconds, making not a sound as it went. She was in total amazement, and watched the sky where the object had been. Her friend was "frightened out of her wits," and still hunkered down in the car.

Not of this World?

Later that day, when she arrived back home, she made a drawing of what the object looked like. The next morning, a news article in the local newspaper published reports of a strange object seen by many witnesses. She had no doubts about what she had seen, but having others also reporting it made her feel better about the situation.

As to be expected, some of the people she told her story to were very hesitant to believe her, but she stood firm. She knew what she had seen. She feels very confident that the flying vehicle she saw was not from this world.

If by chance it was some experimental craft developed by our government, it was far advanced from anything that is known to the general public.

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