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UFO with Occupant in Maryland

Maryland - UFO and Alien Encounte


Updated October 25, 2011
Classic Cases of the 1950s

Here is a baffling case of a UFO sighting with an occupant. From the UFO glory days of the 1950s, this case was investigated by NICAP, one of the most revered investigative groups which, by the way, is still at work today.

Many Ufologists consider the 1950s as one of the most informative, albeit baffling decades in UFO lore. The year 1952 was no exception. The most notable case of this year was UFOs over Washington, D.C.. This occurred only a year after the Lubbock Lights.

A Plane Crashing?

In August of this year, young housewife and mother, Mrs. Suzanne E. Knight, claims to have seen a UFO up close and personal. Even more startling was the presence of an occupant of the mysterious flying craft.

Mrs. Knight was doing her usual kitchen chores at about 9:30 PM, on a hot August night, when she heard something strange; a high-pitched buzzing sound, kind of like what electricity sounds like. The sound was definitely close by and seemed to affect the screen on the kitchen window.

At first, she thought it was some type of large insect running into the screen. This anomaly repeated itself several times. She moved to the window to take a look. What she saw was not what she expected.

A bright, glowing craft of some type was making a quick descent at what she estimated to be a 45-degree angle. Her first thought was that she was witnessing a plane in the process of crashing. She waited for the craft to hit the ground, but to her surprise, it did not. It simply stopped in mid-air and began to hover. She was able to get a good view because of a streetlight near the object.

Description of the Object

The UFO was about 300 ft. high and a 1/2 city block from her home. The object was cylindrical, what she described as the fuselage of a plane without wings. It was dull silver in color, with smoke or steam coming from its rear. She could clearly see a line of square windows with a yellow color emanating from the inside.

On the top of the object she could see a red light which extended up from the front of the body. Below the body there was a type of undercarriage. She likened it to a gondola of a dirigible. The cockpit had smaller windows than the main body. She could also make out what looked like seats in the gondola. Also, there were cabinets in the main body. These were slanted, possibly for a work area.

The Occupant

She then saw an occupant: "There was a man in front," Mrs. Knight wrote in her report to NICAP, "looking straight ahead towards the front [to her left]. I couldn't understand what he was looking at so intently, and not moving either. I expected to see a lot of instruments or dials, etc. similar to instrument panels on airplanes, but there were none that I could see."

The occupant also appeared to be bathed in the yellow glow. He had a helmet on. She left the window for a moment, and attempted to call the local newspaper, but could not get an answer. As she went back to the window and looked out, amazingly, the gondola with the occupant was gone, although the main body of the UFO remained.

The lights in the object were no longer shining, and as the lights went out, the main body of the object turned from its original dull silver to a glowing, red hot color. The object did not appear solid like before, but had a wavy appearance, like water running. She called out for her sister to come and view the UFO, but did not get an answer.

UFO Now Gone

She left the window to search for her sister, but upon returning, the object was gone. Mrs. Knight estimated that the entire event lasted about 3 minutes, 2 of which she had her eye on the object. When her sister finally arrived, she told her of what she had seen, except for the occupant.

She was eventually interviewed by NICAP, and gave a full account of her sighting. What was this strange flying craft she had seen? Mrs. Knight was a well-respected person in her town and held a responsible position in Prince George's County. It is highly doubtful she would make up such a story.

UFO occupants were also encountered in the 1955 case, The Kelly Aliens.

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