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2012 Reports from Kentucky

UFO Reports from the State of Kentucky


Updated October 24, 2012
The state of Kentucky has always had its share of UFO sightings, some of them are among Ufology's best known.The Death of Thomas Mantell, The Kelly Alien Invasion, Alien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky, and UFO Collides with Train in Kentucky.

Let's take a look at some more recent sightings from 2012.

Louisville - 07-05-12

I stepped outside with a friend to get some air and noticed a round, orange fireball object going from the northwest to the southeast approximately 1000 to 1500 feet above the ground. The light was moving about the same speed as a small plane, and was moving steadily and in a different direction than the wind.

At first, we thought it might be some type of Chinese lantern, but the object did not flicker and was moving slightly against the wind. The object finally drifted into a hazy cloud bank and disappeared.

About 2 minutes later we spotted another object going in the same direction and speed but higher up and a little south of the first object. We watched this object until it was obscured by some trees.

The third object was about a mile north of the first object and was only in view for a few seconds before being obscured by trees.

The fourth object appeared about 3 minutes later, and was almost overhead. The object was also going in the same general direction, but a little lower. We watched it cross the sky for almost a minute before it just seemed to fade out.

We waited for another 20 minutes but saw nothing further.

These objects were a bright orange color, solidly lit, and moved in a steady speed and direction. They did not flicker, and were not affected by the wind.

We were both a little freaked out, and tried to rationalize the sightings with prosaic explanations like small planes, Chinese lanterns, balloons etc. But there was no noise, and if they were balloons or lanterns, they would have to have been released a mile or two from each other, and at different times rather than from the same place and all at once.

Fulton - 08-14-12

I was sitting outside and saw lights in the sky behind the clouds, thought they may have been a reflection of cars' headlights, then walked around the corner of the house to see 4 or 5 lights circling in one circle then change into 4 circles that met in the middle and the lights all met in the middle at the same time, but the lights did not make the same path every time.

I tried to record it with a regular digital camera but don't think it caught much because it was faint, but at the moment they are still outside right now and have been for about 30 minutes and it is 10:36 PM, CDT.

The lights were white in color and decent in size, not large but not small. They made a big circle though, but not always a circle. I just wish I could have gotten more evidence, but at least I wasn't the only one to see it.

Scottsville - 09-18-12

I watched lights in the sky with binoculars for several hours last night. Several motionless, low-hanging lights would flicker red and green, and for a little while they were on the ground.

Across the field, in the tree line, was a flickering light. Then I saw a blinking white light, slowly rising from the trees. Once it reached a certain altitude, the white light turned off and then there was a red and green light that came on and stayed on. Then it slowly and noiselessly drifted over my house and off towards the North.

After seeing this, I went inside and asked my mother if she would come look at it. We witnessed two more of the same thing. These were soundless craft of some sort.

It was technology that followed a certain protocol, because in all three instances the craft followed the same procedure, only two went north and one went west. It seemed like every dog in the area was barking last night.

We did try and get video, but it's so poor that it's not worth posting.

They've been out here every night for over a week, but usually they are just stationary and then disappear. Last night was the most movement so far. I was anticipating contact, they were so close.

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