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2012 - UFO Sightings from the State of Maine

UFOs over Maine


Updated October 27, 2012
The state of Maine has never had an abundance of UFO activity, but two of Ufology's most well-known cases belong to the state. 1968 - The Tote Road, Maine Sightings, and 1976 - The Allagash Alien Abduction. Now, let's look at sightings from 2012.

Sebago - 09-16-12

I and a friend of mine were fishing for catfish all night in the town of Sebago, on Sebago Lake. I had noticed across the lake over by a large radio tower (near the town of Raymond), a strange white-orange light. It was just moving slowly then climbed high in the sky.

I thought that it was just a military jet. Then all of a sudden another one appeared by the radio tower. I thought at first it was just another plane, but then it started to dart left and right, up and down and wobble in the sky.

I was starting to get very curious about the object. So I called my friend over to witness it too, and get his opinion on it. He said, "Oh, it's a helicopter."

Then he said, "No, they can't do those kinds of maneuvers that quickly."

We watched it for about 15 or so minutes, then it started to hover over the lake (100/200 feet) but had no noise, just a white-orange light. So now we were getting spooked, so we quickly cleaned up our gear and moved back to the truck where we watched it for another 15 or so minutes.

Then we noticed it was coming closer and closer to our side of the lake. So we're now getting out of there, we had seen enough of it, but as we drove down RT. 11 I noticed that it was still moving slowly across the sky in the same direction as we were at above tree level.

So he dropped me off at my house on Rt. 25 in Limington, and it was still there; but off in the distance. He drove off, but I noticed from my bedroom window that it was still hovering (near or in the town of Standish). I was a bit freaked out, so I locked my window, and closed the curtain around 04:30.

Augusta - 08-07-12

While I was looking out the patio doors I saw what I thought was a meteor streak by and disappear over the horizon. The only difference being when it reached the horizon it winked out of sight instantly. 2 minutes later I decided to walk out onto out deck and I noticed a bright light heading toward my position.

As I watched it approach, I began filming it with my cell phone. It was far below the orbits of any satellite, and as it grew closer the light grew brighter in intensity.

We are less than a mile from the Augusta airport and there were planes doing instrument takeoffs at the time. There were no strobes or usual aircraft lights on this object.

There was no sound as it passed overhead and headed Northeast. I am familiar with every form of conventional aircraft having grown up an airshow kid and I keep up to date on military and civilian craft that operate in this area.

The crazy thing about this is the next day two of my students who were in Winslow, Maine, which is 15 miles northeast of Augusta told me they were outside at about 10:00 and an object passed overhead, spun around and took off.

I know these kids and they wouldn't make this up. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. I also have two videos of the object. In one video you can clearly see the object as it passes.

An early video I took as it first appeared shows the object winking in and out as it slowly moves across the sky. The strange thing is as I recorded that I watched the object as it crossed the sky and I never lost sight of it.

It did not wink in and out of sight. I don't know if it is because the quality of the camera or if it was due to some type of electrical interference.

Greene - 07-20-12

A diamond-shaped craft grows brighter, vanishes and comes back, hovering in the distance in Greene, Maine. The night was clear, no moon, no clouds, just stars and a light that was too bright to be a star.

It grew brighter, as if coming towards my brother and me. It disappeared after a while, but not completely. It was almost as if the UFO turned into a cloud; a cloud which was glowing.

After observing said cloud for multiple minutes, the bright grew brighter, once again. There seemed to be a bright haze around the craft, making it difficult to describe exactly what it was my brother and I were looking at.

Also, the craft seemed to be shining a beam over the area, almost as if it was looking for something. It wasn't a helicopter, for there was no noise. And I know of no craft which are so bright that you can't pick out exactly what they are. The light was so great that as the craft drew closer it was almost blinding.

The same events repeated for a couple of hours. I didn't stick around to find out what happened to the craft, so I can't say how it finally vanished.

I have never seen anything like it. The craft was so bright, almost looked like a star which was too close. However, stars don't move towards you, turn into clouds, vanish, come back and repeat.

By the time I was home, both my brother and I were shaking and couldn't wait to tell our mother what had taken place.

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