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2012 UFO Sightings in the State of Maryland

UFOs over Maryland


Updated October 30, 2012

Let's take a look at what has been happening in the state of Maryland in 2012. Here are two earlier reports from the state: UFO with Occupant in Maryland, and Reader Submits Report of Triangle UFO in Maryland. Also, a very important case from 1958 is the The Lock Raven Dam UFO.

Annapolis - 07-04-12

A large triangle (appeared to be based on the contour of the lights) with red lights contouring each angle was observed in the skies of Annapolis.

It was a very dark evening with broken clouds; relative humidity was high, and what was unusual about the object was how slow it was moving (speed similar to that of a blimp) and at a such a low altitude (less than 700 feet) moving east, pausing then continuing on east-northeast out over the bay.

At first we thought it to be a plane landing at Lee Airport; however, it was moving outbound of the landing pattern, not to mention the size relative to any plane that would be able to land or take off from that airport.

My estimate would be approximately 150 yards in equal lengths between the red lights, which were 3 at each angle. Of note, beside the slow air speed, there was absolutely no noise.

Hagerstown - 08-14-12

A triangle-shaped light low on the horizon did not move for more than 30 minutes, but did flash intermittently.

At around 4:00 AM, two people witnessed a triangular-shaped light above the Hagerstown, MD region (witnesses were just west of Hagerstown looking eastward). The light was fairly low to the horizon and the flash is what caught the attention of the two main witnesses.

The fact that the shape of the light was definitely triangle, changed in intensity from very bright to disappearing altogether intermittently and did not appear to be moving, sustained their attention.

The object did not move for about 30 minutes then "blinked out" and did not reappear. A brief video of the light was captured via a cell phone, but it is of such a poor quality, therefore the value is questionable.

Greenbelt - 08-14-12

My kids and I was coming back from a park in Greenbelt and we were on Keniworth Ave. My son, who was 10, was in the front seat with me. I knew I had seen something but didn't mention it as fast as my son did.

We saw 3 bright lights in the sky; all three were in a triangle shape position; one to the bottom left, one right top in the middle, and the other one was at your bottom light.

Other drivers had to have see it also. Then the lights disappeared, one by one right in front of us. I wasn't sure what it was, but this was not the only time I had seen something like this; I'm still in awe.

Hagerstown - 09-04-12

Two mornings in a row now I have seen a large craft; an unidentified flying object hovering above Hagerstown in the northeastern sky at approximately 4-4:30 AM.

From my vantage point it appears to be somewhere above the fairgrounds or perhaps farther out of town. I have ruled out a plane due to the fact that while observing it for an hour it barely moved. Most fascinating is the spectacular light show this thing is giving off and is what first caught my attention.

It pulsates with just about every color of the spectrum around the edges of the craft and the bottom portion looks as though it's erupting with fire. Last night the object was much closer and I was able to vaguely make out a shape that I can only describe as something out of Battlestar Galactica.

It appeared to be triangular, but not perfectly triangle. Its edges were rounded appearing almost like a boomerang. I was also able to hear a loud hum like noise emanating from the object even at a distance.

I awoke my fiance the second night to verify what I was seeing and she was just as baffled and amazed as I was. When trying to capture the object on video and picture the quality was very blurred, so I quickly drew a quick concept of what I seen on a small white board I keep in my kitchen while it was fresh in my mind.

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