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What's Been Happening in the State of Indiana

UFO Sightings Reported from Indiana


Updated September 30, 2012
More than being the setting of the classic, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," the state of Indiana has certainly had its share of UFO activity. If you are from the area, check out UFO Sighting over Indiana - April, 2012.

Beverly Shores - 06-18-12

I saw a bright blue blinking light traveling around earth, then going out into space. Two friends and I were at the beach and we were lying down in the sand and looking up into the sky. I was looking straight up and in the center of the sky and I saw what I thought was a meteorite, until it blinked back on a little farther down in the sky and it was moving very fast; faster than any satellite I've seen and I've seen a few.

It continued to blink about four or five times curving around the earth, then it looked like it went straight out away from earth then disappeared. This was a very bright, bluish light when it blinked on and was very, very fast.

I was the only one out of my friends who saw it, but when we looked out toward the horizon to the beach we saw a yellow light that was blinking on and off and it then stayed lit and moved to the left of us; then it stopped and was zigzagging and looked like it was coming at us.

Then it appeared to turn around and disappear into the night sky. The second UFO looked like it might have had a tail on it also. Then we all got scared and left the beach because we were really freaked out.

Hagerstown - 07-27-12

On Friday at approximately 20:57 EDT (00:57 UTC), I noticed a bright, cylindrical object in the southern sky, moving from east to west. At first thought it was a low-lying commercial aircraft, however, it was moving very slowly and I did not see any structure resembling an airfoil.

I then thought perhaps it was a blimp. I had access to a pair of 7x50 field glasses. With magnification, I was not able to see any tail structure, propellers or gondola, therefore I ruled out the notion that it was an airship.

The object was cylindrical in shape, with the forward end wider than the tail end, somewhat resembling an elongated tear drop. It also somewhat resembled the shape of a helicopter, but I did not see anything resembling a main or tail rotor.

The object was metallic in color, and reflected the orange-pink hues of the setting sun. It made no sound that I could hear and was not emitting any vapor trail. I did not observe any type of navigational or warning lights on the object.

By my best estimate, the object when I first observed it was 3 to 5 miles due south of Hagerstown, Indiana (Wayne County). It appeared to be traveling parallel to Interstate 70. I estimated its altitude to be between 2000 to 4000 feet, and I estimated its speed to be no more than 25 miles per hour (again supporting my thought that it was an airship).

It appeared to maintain a steady course and altitude. When I first observed the object, it was at almost 90 degrees on the east-west horizontal plain. I watched it until it was no longer visible due to tall trees and a near-by building.

My last sight of the object was at 21:07 EDT (01:07 UTC). I did not see it actually disappear over horizon. I would estimate its position to be at approximately 160 degrees on the east-west horizontal plain.

I am an avid aviation enthusiast and student of military aviation, as well as a former student pilot. I have a good familiarity of both civil and military aircraft. I am 48 years old and have had a keen interest in Ufology since childhood. I have no explanation of what the object was, therefore I felt compelled to report this sighting.

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