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UFO Photographed from Airplane in Mexico

UFO Photographed from Airplane


UFO Filmed from Airplane

UFO Filmed from Airplane

Carlos Cauich Carrillo
On September 21, 2005, an unusual UFO sighting took place over the country of Mexico. A passenger plane, flying the Tapachula-Mexico route, would encounter a UFO, witnessed by several passengers, and caught on video film. At this time, only a few frame grabs have been released, but hopefully in time, the film will be released to the general public. The photographs we have show a dark, spherical-shaped object with a part of the plane's window and frame included.

Carlos Cauich Carrillo was sitting in a window seat during the flight. He was a camera buff, and was taking photographs of some of the landscape through his window. For several minutes during the flight, the plane was approached by an unknown flying object that seemed to move near the plane, retreat, and then approach the plane again. For a brief period of time, Carrillo managed to capture the event through his camera lens.

While being interviewed by the press, Carillo described his feeling of nervousness in his hands as he could clearly see the object as he operated his camera. All the while, he was hoping his camera would not malfunction while the frightening object neared the passenger plane. He also stated that he felt he was "meant to be there" to record the enigmatic event.

The video was made with a Cyber Shot DSC-P32, 3.2 mega-pixel camera, which has an approximate duration of 10 seconds of video. The video of the event was first given to veteran Mexico UFO investigator Ana Luisa Cid. After reviewing the film, Cid claimed that the unidentified flying object was performing irregular movements at high speed, vanishing completely out of frame at certain moments. This opinion would be confirmed by other UFO investigators who claimed that the alleged UFO was speeding away from the airliner and then returning.

Some of the other details of the event are as follows:

This event took place at 14:15 hours as the Mexicana de Aviacion airliner flew over the state of Oaxaca's Salina Cruz region.

Aviation technician Alfonso Salazar Mendoza, a UFO researcher and writer, stated that the commercial airliner was flying at a cruising altitude speed of 800 km per hour and an altitude of 12,000 meters. This information provides an approximate estimate at the time of the taking of the video by Carrillo.

A film of multiple UFOs taken by military officials in Mexico garnered worldwide attention in March, 2004.

Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, for passing along information on this case.

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