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Photographs of UFOs in Florida Thunderstorm

Photographs of UFOs in Florida


Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida

Joey Mandeville
I was contacted by one of our readers, Joey Mandeville, who told me of a video he had taken in Florida in 2000. He sent it to me, along with some stills, and I was duly impressed. Here is his story:

I'm a storm chaser in Panama City Beach, Florida. I shot a possible UFO video in 2000. I've had this video for 8 years now. I shot it on August 11, 2000, on the beach during some offshore thunderstorms. The storms were still far off, you couldn't hear the thunder yet, but could see the lightning nicely.

I went there to shoot some lightning. I arrived at 2:55 AM. I guess it was about 3:30 when I spotted 2 objects to the east. I thought nothing of it, but when I decided to zoom in with the camcorder, I was amazed to see 2 black diamond-shaped objects on screen.

One would hover, and the other one would do several circles right next to the other craft. The object would then dart away fast and slowly return, darting away a few more times. It would get right next to the bottom of the hovering one and rotate underneath it!

I filmed the objects for about 15 minutes. They did some impossible moves I've never seen in my life. I would lose them from time to time because they had no lights whatsoever, and would get lost in the darkness. Lightning would light them up from time to time, and city lights would light them up to where I could find them again.

Planes can be ruled out. There is no way planes can move like this. Birds are ruled out. Birds can't fly backwards, and do circles, dart away, and return, only to dart away again really fast. Kites are doubtful, because it's almost 4:00 AM. Who the hell would be flying some kites? Plus kites can't do what these things could.

I showed it to an Air Force friend in 2000, and she said, "Oh, those are jets..." Then she watched how they moved, and stated, "Uh, I don't know what the hell those are."

I have 2 stills from the video where lightning lights them up. The video was shot on a Sharp Viewcam and it's on VHS (I lost the 8mm tape. I wish this would have happened now with the digital age and the programs I have. I think this video is very unique, and isn't like the lights and egg-shaped UFOs commonly seen.

I think this is a secret military aircraft that does amazing maneuvers.

Report submitted by Joey Mandeville

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