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Weekly Sighting Reports - 07-16-09

Weekly Sighting Reports - 07-16-09


California - 06-08-09 - Van Nuys - The following sighting lasted approximately 10 minutes. At about 11:00 PM on a Sunday, I was standing in my parking lot and noticed 2 orbs of light. They had sort of an amber glow to them.

These two objects were visible for ten minutes, until they finally just disappeared. I watched them closely, and will tell you for a fact, these were not planes, helicopters, or any other types of conventional craft.

I am a pilot, and I know what I saw. The object or objects made not a sound, and the lights were different than anything I had ever seen before.

This is not a joke. I am dead serious. source: www.nuforc.org

California - 06-25-09 -In Victorville, I heard what I thought was a fighter jet. I looked up and saw a large, round sphere that was very shiny and just sitting in mid air around one thousand ft. altitude.

It moved a few feet in very fast jerks, then stopped, then repeated the maneuver. Then I saw a fighter jet fly by it at same elevation. The jet was short body and short wing span and very loud. I turned to get my pocket camcorder out of my Escalade. It took 3 seconds.

I turned around and looked up and it was gone. I heard the jet going fast, but could not see it anymore. source: www.mufon.com

California - 06-25-09 - My husband and I were sitting on our front porch facing East in Yucaipa. We were looking at the stars and watching for satellites when my husband pointed up toward the northeast sky. When I turned to look, I saw a faint dot, like a satellite or faint star, which was brightening to an intense white-blue light.

The brightness was more intense than a jetliner head on in the night, more like a helicopter spotlight. The object was too far in the sky to be an airplane or helicopter, and it was moving from North to South. The brightness lasted for about fifteen seconds, then it diminished and again resembled a satellite or faint star as it changed direction and began heading up and Eastward away from us until it disappeared.

It was about 3/4 up from the ground and appeared to be at the same height as satellites are normally seen. At the time my husband noticed the object, we were discussing possible new job plans and just as I said, "Seems like we are supposed to be on a different path," he pointed to the object. He said it looked like the object turned toward us, like a flashlight that is pointed away and then turns straight at you. We would just like to know what it was. source: www.mufon.com

California - 06-28-09 - Driving west across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge at 10:14 PM, PDT, I noticed out of my windshield directly ahead, a large, bright object in the sky moving apparently to the west toward the horizon at a rate of speed unlike any common object in the night sky.

It was moving much faster than is possible for any aircraft (or satellite), but much slower than a meteor. It disappeared behind the ridge, from my perspective just to the south of MT. Tamalpais. I was near the eastern peak of the bridge (Richmond side) when I observed it. I only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared from view. It was much brighter than any aircraft I've seen.

I first thought it was a meteor. I can't be sure if it stayed on the exact same trajectory or turned slightly during the time I saw it. I immediately asked if any family member in the van had seen it, but none had. I just said "Wow, look at that," but due to noise and fatigue, no one else caught it out the windshield in time. source: www.mufon.com

California - 06-30-09 - This object was observed in Pasadena at the Caltech campus, just off Wilson Avenue to the west, at 8:00 PM. It was heading north at quite a slow speed. I had just finished work and was heading over to the parking structure. There is a nice open space with a good view of the sky, and I was taking in the view whilst walking.

This is when I noticed the object, which was silhouetted clearly. At first I thought it was a helicopter as they're quite common around here. I also thought it might be a bird gliding high up. Closer scrutiny showed neither of these to be the case.

It was perfectly black, and could be seen clearly against the sky, which was still light as the sun hadn't set yet. What I observed literally was a perfectly round, black spot that changed shape to a thin line and back again, within a period of about 5 seconds.

It looked to me a like a disc that was rotating about its planar axis, to give the appearance of a spot that was alternating its shape with that of a thin line. It was traveling along the direction of its axis of rotation, towards the north before it got lost to my vision behind other buildings and trees. source: www.mufon.com

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