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Weekly Sighting Reports - 10-01-09

Current UFO Sightings


Illinois - 09-19-09 - There were five of us sitting on the front steps of Rowan's house when Matthew and I noticed an unusual object in the western sky, just above the tree line.

The color was orange and flared in intensity, and the shape was that of a ball, except when the colors flashed (or varied in intensity), where in the shape expanded, but still remained ball shaped.

We were sitting at a house on Chicago Street in Elgin, IL, at dusk smoking cigarettes and cigars chatting about our day when I expressed that I was unable to identify the object and indicated to the other people where I was looking.

Nothing specifically caused me to look for the object, but as a person who regularly watches planes overhead, I often find myself looking up.

Rowan was the first to come off the porch and immediately expressed to Lily to retrieve his camera, next off the porch was Bethany and our other friend.

They stepped down to see what I was looking at, and we all expressed that none of us could identify the light as any kind of aircraft that we recognized.

We continued to watch the object as it moved in both lateral and vertical movements that were not indicative of aircraft or hot air balloons.

The sky was light enough to see well, but the light of the object did not allow us to see any structure. The sun was below the horizon on the far side of the object from us, and there was no light source that would have caused reflection against an object in the sky. There was no sound. Source: www.mufon.com

Montana - 09-20-09 - I was walking down the street with a friend in Humansville, when I noticed what looked like an unusual cell tower with pulsating lights. I then realized that the lights were moving slowly in a northerly direction toward Clinton and Warrensburg.

Upon closer examination, it appeared to be a triangular-shaped, black craft with 3 white lights, one near each corner.

The lights slowly pulsated simultaneously, dim and then bright. The craft seemed as if it could be a mile to 1/2 mile away and appeared to be about the size of a football field.

I watched with interest until the object passed behind the trees and out of our view. By the time the object was out of sight it was viewed by three people including myself that I know of.

This sighting happened during a festival, but our position was at least a block away from the festivities and other attendees. Source: www.mufon.com

Nevada - 09-20-09 - At 8:22 PM, I was outside sky watching as usual. My boyfriend and I both saw this happen. I prayed for a week he would see something, his eyes are not as sharp as mine so I prayed for a bright light to show up for him.

It appeared in the northern sky about 1/4 way up from the horizon, dimly lit, an orb trying to be a star, amber color.

When it was half way across the sky, it stopped and flared up very bright. A very white light, 10 times the size of the brightest star, and just as brilliant. It then moved a little further south, then disappeared.

My boyfriend has some pilot experience and stated it could no way have been any kind of regular aircraft. I would love to hook up with others here in Las Vegas that are sharing their experiences, if any.

One other note, I tried to take a picture with my phone camera but it didn’t come out good enough, still working on getting that night film! Source: www.mufon.com

Oregon - 09-17-09 - I was listening to my iPod with headphones in, upstairs at my desk. I had the window open and then I heard and felt, even through the headphones, what I knew to be a jet (F-15) fly by at a fairly low altitude at 9:20 PM.

I threw off my headphones, ran downstairs, grabbed my jacket, and went out the front door. Standing in the driveway of my apartment building, facing west, I saw four, big, bright, red lights in a row, horizontally. There was a small white light that was flashing on and off over to the side a bit.

The craft was not traveling as fast as a F-15 would, but proceeded to fly at a moderate speed towards me. I watched it fly overhead (90 degrees) and saw between seven to nine red lights in a triangular formation underneath this craft.

I was confused by what I was seeing because I have never seen a craft that had that kind of light configuration before.

As it went over me, I could hear the roar of an engine, but not what an F-15 would sound like. I watched it travel in the east-southeast direction before I lost it in the trees. The sighting lasted about a minute and a half. I stayed outside for another 5 minutes, but saw nothing else unusual. Source: www.mufon.com

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